Medical Schools in Nevada: Complete List + How to Get In

November 6, 2023
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Jonathan Preminger

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Reviewed: 9/20/23

There are a lot of wild perceptions about the state of Nevada, home to Las Vegas, but what if it was the perfect place to become a doctor? 

While Las Vegas may give the state of Nevada a debauched reputation, medical schools in Nevada are esteemed for their high-quality education. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Nevada med schools!

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There are students all over America who dream of practicing medicine. Wearing a white coat, saving lives, and being a valuable member of the community is something everyone can get behind. But what about medical colleges in Nevada?

Knowing the exact pathway can be tough. With so many schools, different admission requirements, preferred extracurriculars, and volunteer experience, how do you know which school is the best fit for you?

Well, fortunately, we’ve got you covered. If you’re thinking of attending medical school in Nevada but have no idea where to start, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll break down the list of medical schools in Nevada so that you’ll be far ahead of the competition when application season comes around.

Without delaying any further, let’s get into exactly what you need to know about med schools in Nevada!

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List of Medical Schools in Nevada

To start things off, there are three med schools in Nevada. 

There are two public institutions, the University of Nevada Las Vegas School of Medicine (UNLV) and the University of Nevada Reno School of Medicine (UNR), which provide students with an education in allopathic medicine. Students graduating from these programs acquire an MD. 

On the other hand, Touro University Nevada (TUN) is a private medical school that offers an education in osteopathic medicine. 

Let’s explore each of these schools and their offerings!

1. University of Nevada Las Vegas School of Medicine (UNLV)

Las Vegas Skyline

One of the main things to know about UNLV is that the Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine is relatively new, established only in 2014. While it hasn’t been around for very long, you can rest assured you’ll receive a quality education here.

As one of the top medical schools in Nevada, UNLV Medicine offers a more intimate medical experience, with only 66 available seats per application cycle. Around half of those admitted are women, and almost everyone has ties to the state of Nevada.

A unique background can also be an excellent topic to discuss in your secondary essays. Medical schools like their student body to be diverse with different kinds of experiences.

What’s more exciting is that the MD education includes the Immersions EMT/Population Health program. Through the robust curriculum, you’ll become a certified EMT and see medical issues firsthand when they happen, giving you some hands-on educational experience.
The MD program also provides virtual anatomy education, community integration, and foundational medical discourse in areas like bioethics, pain management, and nutrition.

2. University of Nevada Reno School of Medicine (UNR)

Students walking on University of Nevada Reno campus

Established in 1874, UNR has a rich history of providing quality education. The medical school, however, came later in 1969.

Like UNLV, UNR offers a close-knit experience with a smaller faculty-student ratio of 0.5:1. This is excellent for those who excel with more involved learning, where they can ask relevant questions and get more individual feedback.

As with all med schools in Nevada, being part of the Nevada community plays an integral role in becoming a doctor. At UNR, you’ll be required to complete an upper-year rotation in rural medicine. This will give you insight into how medical services reach those in more disenfranchised communities without the same medical services.

The curriculum runs on a systems-based block format, integrating foundational scientific knowledge in a clinical setting. You’ll be expected to diagnose and solve problems analytically, giving you the skill set to solve patient inquiries and dilemmas in a more objective fashion.

3. Touro University Nevada (TUN)

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Touro University was founded in 1971 in its home base, New York City. Tuoro expanded, building the Nevada campus in 2004. TUN strives to provide a welcoming environment for students from different backgrounds.

Touro is also unique on the list of medical schools in Nevada for several reasons:

Firstly, TUN is the only option for osteopathic medicine in Nevada. While UNR and UNLV also emphasize a community approach to their medical education, it’s safe to assume the osteopathic approach that integrates the mind, body, and spirit won’t be as prominent in their curriculum.

Secondly, you’ll be grouped with a much larger class size, with a 12 to 1 student-to-faculty ratio. This may be a disadvantage for those who need a closer learning experience. If you’re a more industrious learner, however, you may find that larger class sizes give you the opportunity to meet and socialize with a larger variety of students.

Now that we’ve covered the medical education Nevada has to offer, here’s a recap:

School Ranking Location Degree GPA MCAT Tuition
University of Nevada Reno School of Medicine (UNR) 94 - Research106 - Primary Care Reno MD 3.74 509 $31,758 - in-state
$59,008 - Other
University of Nevada Las Vegas School of Medicine (UNLV) Unranked Las Vegas MD 3.8 510 $35,297 - in-state
$66,063 - Other
Touro University Nevada (TUN) N/A Henderson DO 3.54 507 $64,054

You’ll notice that the in-state tuition is quite a bit cheaper than out-of-state, which is to be expected for Nevada med schools.

Out of all the schools, TUN has the most relaxed GPA requirements. This could be a result of less interest in DO programs overall in America and the fact that it’s more expensive than the other two. With the variety in GPA and price, it’s worth noting that the average MCAT score doesn’t vary significantly between the schools.

Tips for Getting Into Nevada Medical Schools

The best advice to get into medical school in Nevada is to plan out your pathway and journey. You don’t need to know everything off the top of your head or exactly where you see yourself in ten years, but you should have a general idea of things you like and dislike in medicine. This will also greatly help you to prepare for med school interviews.

There’s no denying that academics and quantitative assessments like GPA and MCAT play an integral role in admissions. By becoming a strong student, you’ll learn crucial skills such as time management, critical thinking, and adaptability that will serve you well and help you meet medical school GPA requirements.

Outside of school, prioritizing medical extracurriculars that are relevant to the university and program you’re applying for can help make you a stronger applicant. A key emphasis in Nevada medical schools is helping the greater community. So, demonstrating your charitability through the right volunteer programs is a great idea.

FAQs: Nevada Medical Schools

Still have questions about the list of medical schools in Nevada? Our experts weigh in on some of our most common inquiries below!

1. How Many Medical Schools Are in Nevada?

There are three medical schools in Nevada. The first two, the University of Nevada Las Vegas School of Medicine and the University of Nevada Reno School of Medicine, are public institutions with small class sizes. Touro University Nevada is a private university with a larger first-year class size.

TUN is the only way to obtain your DO in Nevada, as UNR and UNLV are MD-granting institutions. 

2. Is the University of Nevada a Good Medical School?

UNR is an excellent med school in Nevada. On top of its comprehensive medical education, the school offers several different combined degree programs to choose from, including an MBA, MPH, and PhD. This means whether you excel in business, public health, or research, you can customize your educational pathway.

Furthermore, the student outreach clinic lets you work on the frontlines to give medical care to those who are uninsured and otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it. Being able to treat those who are less fortunate is one of the greatest experiences in medicine and lets you see the real impact of your work.

3. Is UNLV a Good Med School?

UNLV is another strong choice for medical schools in Nevada. Becoming a certified EMT means you’ll have unique medical experiences that not every doctor has. In addition, the Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine has one of the most developed curriculums to give you a competitive advantage in your medical career.

You’ll get training in real-world scenarios as well as the opportunity to get more involved with specific areas that interest you. Their “selectives” give you full control to pick and choose medical areas you’re interested in. 

Once you’re done with your training, you’ll have a significantly easier time completing the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE).

4. How Much Does it Cost to Attend Medical School in Nevada?

In general, you’ll average around $30k per year to attend medical school in Nevada if you’re from in-state. An out-of-state student can expect to pay around double that at $60k. For those interested in osteopathic medicine, TUN is a private university, and thus the costs are higher. You’ll pay around $60k on average a year here.

Although attending medical school can be expensive, there’s no need to feel down about the costs. Adequate financial planning can ensure you have everything you need as you progress year by year through your medical journey. You can also consider applying for scholarships when relevant.

Final Thoughts

Planning out your med school journey can seem daunting at first glance. With the right advice and tips, however, you can easily set yourself on a pathway to attain your whitecoat dreams. There are plenty of options for medical schools in Nevada to fine-tune your medical journey to match your interests. 

Whether you want to be on the frontlines and gain EMT experience, seek to provide medical care to those less fortunate, or practice a more holistic medical approach that considers the mind and body, Nevada med schools have you covered!

Not everyone knows what their future will be or where they see themselves in the next decade, but choosing a solid option for your medical education will prepare you to make choices that set you up for success. Regardless of your skills and capabilities, with hard work and drive, practicing medicine can be the career for you.

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