Who We Are: Testimonials

I got a scholarship at my dream med school (Duke), which was something I never thought was possible. What's more is that Inspira's team told me about scholarships that I had no idea even existed. The dedication and love they have for their applicants is heartning. I've already recommended Inspira to over 20 friends applying to med school and will continue to do so in the future.

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Sarah, accepted at Duke Medical School

I just have one word for Inspira's team - amazing. I could never have dreamed of putting together an application like the one they helped me develop. They know exactly what the admissions committee wants. Can't recommend them highly enough. I am very satisfied by my med school application package. One step closer to realizing my dream of becoming a doctor!

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Lindsay, accepted at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

I did an interview prep for my med school admissions with Inspira. My interviewer did a scenario analysis that included putting me through what a tough interview might be like. I really appreciated it because I don't think I would have gotten that with a friend. My consultant was also very tactical in providing feedback. There was no fluff. Really happy with how things went.

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Jeremy, accepted at Perelman School of Medicine

I was extremely nervous both about my primary and secondary apps and decided to go with Inspira after speaking with their team and multiple conversations with friends. They truly went above and beyond what was expected and helped me search for an apply to scholarships as well. I am current in med school with a solid scholarship, so glad to have worked with Inspira.

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Kate, accepted at Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine

I was a TMDSAS applicant in 2019 and was so happy when I was invited to leave this review. I have such fond memories of working with the Inspira team. They were marvelous in every regard. Everyone on my team was knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. They made sure my timelines were met. I got to know what the admissions committee really cares about and ended up going to Dell Med. It was great that Inspira was able to provide structure and shape in the form of a compelling application to years of hard work I had put in as an undergrad.

Jeff, accepted at Dell Medical School

I was so nervous before my med-school interview. My interviewer stayed up with on the phone till 1:00am the night before. That's one of the many reasons I am leaving this 5-star review. I literally couldn't have asked for anything more.

Jennifer, accepted at Harvard Medical School

I engaged Inspira to work on both my primary and secondary application essays. They turned out to be great. We did almost 20 turns. My team didn't allow me to be satisified with mediocre essays. The kept pushing me to do better and aim higher. True to their word, they really were cheerleaders, friends, and experts all in one.

Lin, accepted at NYU Grossman

I decided to get additional help with my med school application since I had an UG gpa that was on the lower side. During my first conversation with Inspira Futures, they were able to pinpoint things that we could do to improve the quality of the application. I got accepted at Yale and Northwestern Feinberg!

Akash, accepted at Yale School of Medicine