Who We Are: Testimonials

Who We Are: Testimonials

I talked to different consulting firms and then chose Inspira to help me with my medical school applications because they addressed my concerns right to the point and always had solutions for them. The complete addmission process ran very smoothly and I was forunate enough to receive admits from 3 schools.

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Zoey, accepted at Stony Brook University School of Medicine

A fantasic team! Everyone I talked to at Inspira was genuine and really helpful. They were always ready to make me feel comfortable and confident. Thanks so much for your help!

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Jin, accepted at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

There is no cutting corners at Inspira. Jennifer's feedbacks were always critical, comprehensive and quick. She has a lot of experience in this field hence knew people on the admission committees and knew what they want. Thus, she was able to help me understand what exactly to add in my application which helped me to get a seat at my dream college.

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Rahul, accepted at University of Kansas School of Medicine

Inspira is the reason I am in the medical school right now. They have helped at every step of my application starting from personal statement to interview preparations. It made the whole process  less stressful for me and helped me get into the medical college.

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Amber, accepted at University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine

At first, I only took the Ding Analysis from Inspira to see where I went wrong with my applications. The comprehensive analysis and feedback made me believe, they can help me get my dream college. I took the complete end-to-end support module from them. My application turned out to be far better than I expected and was offered a seat at two colleges. Will definitely recommend further.

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Julianna, accepted at Rush Medical College

The thing I loved about Anil is that he was very dedicated and thorough with my primary applications. He gave amazing insights about changing my personal statement and also prepared me for the interviews. I felt really confident working with him and was able to secure seat in my dream college.

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Tiffany, accepted at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Carle Illinois College of Medicine

Carmen knew every single detail about my application in the first meeting itself. She was very dedicated, friendly and systematic coach who guided me through the complete application process of the medical school. Her feedbacks and pointers helped me making an unique application for each college because of which I was able to secure a place in four med schools.

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Nicholas, accepted at Morehouse School of Medicine

Having applied myself in the first year and not getting desired results made me look for further help. A friend suggested Inspira Advantage based on her experience with them. After discussing with Rohan, I realized what went wrong with my previous application and how can I make my application stand out. He guided me through the requirements of each college and gave constructive feedback through out the application process. Thanks to Inspira, the waitlist decisions converted to acceptance this year. Very happy with the services.

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Jack, accepted at UCSF School of Medicine

With the help of Inspira's experts, I was able to get a seat at 3 Medical schools in the first application cycle. The best thing I liked about Fatuma was that she was very quick in responding to my queries and gave great insights. Her tips also helped secure scholarship at John Hopkins.

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Annie, accepted at Emory University School of Medicine

There were so many questions on my mind when I started the AMCAS application and reading testimonials or blogs were confusing even more. I was not sure if I will be able to complete my applications in time. Thanks to Inspira's timely and quality advice, I was able to dedicate my time in correct direction. Jennifer helped me at every step to build up my application and later prepare for the interviews. I am really greatful.

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Dorothy, accepted at George Washington University Medical School

I had an amazing time working with Stephen. He was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful in the whole application process. With his background and experience, he was able to give me specific pointers for each round starting with MCAT preparations. His guidance through the entire process helped me secure a place at my top choice school. Highly recommended!

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Katie, accepted at University of California, San Diego School of Medicine

After working with a consultant last year and getting rejected from every school without an interview, I took a risk with Rohan and Inspira, and it was the best decision I ever made. Rohan is an absolute pro! His brainstorming, editing, interview preparation, and advice were outstanding. He knows what exactly makes an application stand out and what to avoid. I am forever thankful for all of your help and guidance. Thank you, Rohan. You are an absolute superstar!

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James, accepted at Keck School of Medicine of University of Southern California

Howard is great at making you feel confident and assured about yourself. He helped me highlight key qualities and translate them into a solid AMCAS application and secondary application essays. He helped me a lot with my interview prep as well.

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Jonathan, accepted at Baylor School of Medicine

The support I got was very professional. Everyone at Inspira works day and night to ensure you get into your top choice medical schools. Everybody, I mean everybody, on the team truly cared about my outcomes. Even the enrollment manager who I had the first conversation with stayed in touch and sent me words of encouragement before the applications were due. Inspira is an awesome organization to associate with!

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Eric, accepted at Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons

My MCAT tutor was fantastic. He was very structured, helped me create a thorough plan, and knew exactly where to focus our time. We started off by creating a detailed plan for our time together. Subsequently, every minute was spent judiciously. This tutoring program was hands down the best bang for buck! It was very personalized and I was able to raise my score from a 498 to 514.

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Xin, Inspira MCAT student

I got into HMS and Yale thanks to Inspira! It’s truly a dream come true. The essay development and interview support were by far where I received the most help. Kate helped me develop my personal statement and secondary application essays, which was just truly outstanding. I'm not a great interviewer, but doing multiple mock sessions with Kate before the interview helped me become a lot more confident. Thank you, Kate, and thank you, Inspira.

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Manny, accepted at Harvard Medical School

Rohan was absolutely fantastic. I got a full ride at my dream MD/PhD program because of him. He knows so much about the admissions process and is incredibly efficient. I come from a small private institution and we don't have great pre health advising. It was truly a pleasure to work with Rohan and I can't recommend him highly enough!

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Sam, accepted at University of Michigan

Inspira helped me get accepted to four schools with a below average gpa and mediocre mcat score. I still can't believe it!

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Prithvi, accepted at Georgetown SOM

I got a scholarship at my dream med school (Duke), which was something I never thought was possible. What's more is that Inspira's team told me about scholarships that I had no idea even existed. The dedication and love they have for their applicants is heartning. I've already recommended Inspira to over 20 friends applying to med school and will continue to do so in the future.

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Sarah, accepted at Duke Medical School

I just have one word for Inspira's team - amazing. I could never have dreamed of putting together an application like the one they helped me develop. They know exactly what the admissions committee wants. Can't recommend them highly enough. I am very satisfied by my med school application package. One step closer to realizing my dream of becoming a doctor!

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Lindsay, accepted at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

I did an interview prep for my med school admissions with Inspira. My interviewer did a scenario analysis that included putting me through what a tough interview might be like. I really appreciated it because I don't think I would have gotten that with a friend. My consultant was also very tactical in providing feedback. There was no fluff. Really happy with how things went.

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Jeremy, accepted at Perelman School of Medicine

I was extremely nervous both about my primary and secondary apps and decided to go with Inspira after speaking with their team and multiple conversations with friends. They truly went above and beyond what was expected and helped me search for an apply to scholarships as well. I am current in med school with a solid scholarship, so glad to have worked with Inspira.

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Kate, accepted at Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine

Discussing my essays with Anil allowed me to carefully select the experiences which were most beneficial to answer the questions. His feedback helped me improve my essays further and made me more confident going in the interview phase.

Mia, accepted at Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Inspira assigned me Fatuma to help with my medical school applications. She was exceptionally professional and helped me a lot in the improvement of my application. She always communicated the changes in a very clear and effective manner. This made editing and resubmiting the essays really easy. She also replied rather quickly to all my e-mails and it was always constructive talking to her. Would definitely recommend her.

Abhinav, accepted at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

I had the pleasure to work with Jennifer. She is a gem of a person and helped me with my AMCAS applications. Her advice helped a lot in improving the essays. On one hand, she went in great detail over small changes in the essay and on the other side, she took a bird's eye view to create an unique application for me. I highly recommend her.

Lucas, accepted at Dartmouth College Geisel School of Medicine

It was a great expeience to work with Rohan during my medical school applications. He was very professional and helped me in every phase starting from the AMCAS applications to interview preparations. He always sent me feedback in a detailed manner and answered all the queries. I highly recommend Inspira!

Emma, accepted at Creighton University School of Medicine

I had no idea where to start with my medical school applications. Jennifer helped me devise a structured plan, helped in selecting the schools and guided me in preparing the application documents. She continued to encourage and motivate me during the whole journey. With her help, I was able to fulfill my dream of getting into a medical school. Definitely recommending her to future aspirants!

Aarav, accepted at Washington University School of Medicine

After being recommended by a friend, I took the first consultation from Inspira. I couldn't believe how well Micah was prepared to give the feedback on my personal statement. Not only he pointed out the weak points in the application, he also had prepared a plan how to improve the application. His mock interviews helped me a lot as well. I was thrilled to get into my dream college with the help from Micah.

Pat, accepted at Saint Louis University School of Medicine

To have a mentor like Rohan in the competitive and stressful process of applying to medical school was a great relief. He was very structured, methodical and critical which reflected in his work. I was deeply impressed to see how much he knows about the application process of different schools. He gave me specific pointers for each application and helped me secure a seat at my dream university.

Merideth, accepted at Mayo Clinic College of Medicine

Since I wanted to switch career and join a medical school, I was looking for someone who knew the application process inside out and help me make further contacts in different medical schools. A friend suggested Inspira Advantage to me. Once I had my first consultation, there was no looking back. I was confident that I am in good hands. Couple of months later, I had three admits in my hand. Thanks Inspira!

Aachal, accepted at Wayne State University School of Medicine

I didn't think someone else will be as dedicated as myself for my applications for medical school. Then, I met Anil who was the expert assigned by Inspira. He helped me improve my essays, showcased my profile in an unique manner and even helped in imprving my profile further by motivating me to take up another internship. When I told him the news of selection in my dream school, he was as thrilled as I am. I really appreciate his efforts and would definitely recommend him to future applicants.

Justin, accepted at University of Michigan Medical School

Inspira believed in me and supported me throughout the application process. Jennifer helped me develop and improve my AMCAS application in a very detailed and comprehensive manner. I couldn't have asked for more. Definitely worth recommending!

Brinda, accepted at Harvard Medical School

There are a lot of consulting firms who might have contacts in the admission committee or tell you what they need in the application. But Micah put his heart and soul into preparing me for the interviews. He was very supportive, determined and enthusiastic which motivated me a lot and I was able to crack all 4 interviews. Thanks a lot Inspira!

Olivia, accepted at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

I am thankful that Anil was assigned to me as an expert from Inspira. He is a great mentor to me during the whole application process. Not only he helped me improve the application, but also suggested multiple ideas to improve my profile. Soon after introducing to some of his contacts, I landed up an internship which also strengthened my profile. I give complete credit to Inspira for the three admits I received. Wouldn't have made it without them. Cheers!

Xinxin, accepted at Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans

My experience with Katherine was absolutely amazing. She helped me completely transform my applications, which allowed me to put my best foot forward. Thanks to her, I ended up with 11 interviews, 4 admits, 2 full-rides. I was also able to submit quality primary and secondary application documents to all my target schools weeks in advance of the deadlines.

Drishti, accepted at The University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine

I can't even being to fathom how much time and stress I have saved because my counselor would point me to specific med school resources she knew I should research, based on her knowledge of my background, interests and accomplishments, and on her experience of doing this for decades now. She knows med school admissions like the back of her hand. Without Natalie’s expertise, I imagine I would have been drowning in the blue-ocean of online resources, trying to determine the veracity of advice from online forums.

Sarah, accepted at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Dave is a solid coach. I would highly recommend Dave to anyone looking for support with their med school application. He knows how the process works and is genuinely happy to help. I’m so glad I was paired with him. He analyzed each written document, how to improve the approach, including written content, voice, and tone.

Carlos, accepted at Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth College

Any aspiring physician should work with Inspira to maximize their chances of getting into med school. I spoke with every counseling firm out there and can safely say that Inspira is the best in the business. They helped me get three med school admits. I actually had options to decide which med school to attend.

Mia, accepted at UCLA Geffen School of Medicine

After working with Inspira, I realized how ordinary my school’s prehealth resources were. Working with people who have been there and done that made all the difference for me. I got tons of personalized attention and my coach knew exactly what the admissions committee wants to hear. I got into UCSD and Feinberg. So excited to finally start med school.

Parag, accepted at UCSD School of Medicine

I’ve been working with my counselor for two years through the pre-health advising program. I have a much more rounded profile and am more confident about applying to med school. I was able to get some amazing shadowing and research experiences thanks to my Inspira advisor. The resources that I have access to are orders of magnitude better than what my peers are getting through our school. I would recommend the pre health advising program to anyone who is serious about applying to medical school.

Raymond, current undergrad and Inspira pre-health advising student

This was my third time applying to med school. I was finally able to make it, after years of trying myself and with other counseling firms. Inspira made it happen!! My coach helped me position my background, which helped me explain why I had to reapply for the second time. Finally, the stress is over.

Jack, accepted at UAMS College of Medicine

My counselor really made me unearth the answer to ‘why do you want to become a doctor?’. I was able to craft a stellar personal statement and essays thanks to her! That was probably the most helpful part of the engagement for me. And it was huge because so many of my peers struggled with that.

Emma, accepted at Howard University Hospital

I was a TMDSAS applicant in 2019 and was so happy when I was invited to leave this review. I have such fond memories of working with the Inspira team. They were marvelous in every regard. Everyone on my team was knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. They made sure my timelines were met. I got to know what the admissions committee really cares about and ended up going to Dell Med. It was great that Inspira was able to provide structure and shape in the form of a compelling application to years of hard work I had put in as an undergrad.

Jeff, accepted at Dell Medical School

I was so nervous before my med-school interview. My interviewer stayed up with on the phone till 1:00am the night before. That's one of the many reasons I am leaving this 5-star review. I literally couldn't have asked for anything more.

Jennifer, accepted at Harvard Medical School

I engaged Inspira to work on both my primary and secondary application essays. They turned out to be great. We did almost 20 turns. My team didn't allow me to be satisified with mediocre essays. The kept pushing me to do better and aim higher. True to their word, they really were cheerleaders, friends, and experts all in one.

Lin, accepted at NYU Grossman

I decided to get additional help with my med school application since I had an UG gpa that was on the lower side. During my first conversation with Inspira Futures, they were able to pinpoint things that we could do to improve the quality of the application. I got accepted at Yale and Northwestern Feinberg!

Akash, accepted at Yale School of Medicine