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Achieving a stellar CASPer score shows admissions committees you have the soft skills necessary to succeed as a healthcare professional. That’s why Inspira Advantage is committed to maximizing your score through private CASPer tutoring. Are you ready to get comprehensive CASPer training centered on your success?
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Effective CASPer Coaching At A Glance: Our Process


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Meet Our Tutors: They’re Ready To Help You Become A CASPer Expert

Every tutor we work with is knowledgeable, compassionate, and capable of providing expert training to ace the CASPer.
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Jonathan D.

Jonathan Dworak has been tutoring for The Princeton Review for 17 years. He finds that being able to work one-on-one with students is the best situation to which an educator can aspire—and further, that having a personal connection to so many interesting and engaged students makes the process of working together to master a subject a fulfilling one. Jonathan tutors students of all ages, and his expertise allows him to serve as a “master trainer” of tutors aspiring to teach.

Kenneth B.

As a tutor with The Princeton Review, Kenneth Brenner most enjoys figuring out what makes each student tick—and then creating a study environment that’s instantly conducive to learning. A passionate educator, Kenneth has taught across the age spectrum, from sixth-graders to grad-level students. His students have been accepted to Ivy League colleges and other prestigious universities and programs.

Dr. Robert F.

A tutor for over 15 years, Dr. Robert Fong’s greatest educational fulfillment lies in emphasizing conceptual learning over rote memorization: He has perfected this approach to bring speedy and efficient improvement to all his students. Robert is a master tutor in all MCAT sciences and has contributed to work on The Princeton Review’s research and development team. With an undergraduate degree from New York University, Robert completed his PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology at The University of Chicago, where he serves on the faculty in the department of anesthesia and critical care. He is a board-certified anesthesiologist.

Aaron L.

Toronto-based tutor Aaron Lindh finds inspiration the moment a student “gets it”—when all the hard work pays off and a concept that was formerly impossible becomes easy. He approaches each tutorial by identifying the strengths, abilities, and learning style of each student, and works to develop confidence accordingly. He’s responsible for training and certifying new teachers and tutors, developing new teaching programs, and training new Princeton Review trainers in North America—and abroad.

Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania
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Harvard Medical School
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Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California (USC)
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Top Tutors Here For You At Every Step

We only work with the most talented, empathetic CASPer tutors to ensure you receive the customized, private test prep you need to succeed. Our tutors help you work through your CASPer prep program while keeping your busy schedule in mind.
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Our Ultimate CASPer Test Prep Program Is Designed With Your Needs In Mind

The best training for the CASPer is built to maximize your score. Our experts evaluate your performance and score on a mock CASPer test to offer actionable feedback and strategies to improve. Our drive to help you succeed is at the forefront of our CASPer preparation program.
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Our Virtual CASPer Tutoring Service Is Centered On Efficiency

Our CASPer prep is designed to help you maximize your score in the least amount of hours possible. By pinpointing your improvement areas and systematically working through them, your CASPer tutor is here to help you to get from point A to point B faster.
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Learn Valuable CASPer Skills To Ace The Exam

At Inspira Advantage, we value working hard and smarter. Our CASPer coaching service will teach you and help you develop the necessary skills you need to show off your empathy, professionalism, communication skills, and much more.

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How much does CASPer test prep cost?

Our one-on-one CASPer tutoring service is perfect for students looking for private, customized tutoring. Private CASPer tutoring can help you hone in on areas you need to improve, teach you valuable test-taking strategies, and boost your score.

Some CASPer candidates may want to solely use private tutoring, and others may want to supplement their learning with other methods, such as online courses.

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Who is online CASPer tutoring for?

Our private CASPer coaching service is for candidates seeking comprehensive test prep and actionable strategies. Our tutors will teach you expert CASPer strategies to help you score in the top percentile.

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Are CASPer prep courses worth it?

The CASPer is a challenging test to study for since it doesn’t test prior knowledge. Our CASPer tutoring program helps you learn foundational skills needed to masterfully evaluate scenarios and answer questions. If you’re seeking more guidance to score in the top percentile, our course may be right for you!

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How much CASPer tutoring do I need?

Our CASPer tutoring program is your one-stop-shop to achieving a more competitive score. Our CASPer coaching service centers on pinpointing and rectifying your weaknesses to help you maximize your score and show admissions committees you possess the skills necessary to become a fantastic healthcare professional. If you’re unsure if our CASPer coaching plan is right for you, please book a free consultation with us to discuss your options!

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How do you select my CASPer coach?

Our CASPer prep program begins with pairing you with your best-fit tutor. Your intake form and diagnostic help us assess where you need help most. We use this information to partner you with a tutor whose expertise meets your needs to make CASPer test prep simple.

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We offer more than private CASPer coaching! We’re here to help you get the support you need at every step of the medical school application cycle.

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The Advantage Factor: Working with us can increase your chances of admission by 7x!

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The Free Consultation: Our experts would love to get to know you, your background, goals, and needs. From there, they match you with a best-fit consultant who will create a detailed project plan and application strategy focused on your success.