Medical Schools in Nebraska: List + How to Get In

April 25, 2024
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Considering becoming a doctor in the Midwest? The Nebraska path to medicine may be what you’re looking for.

While Nebraska doesn’t have too many medical school options, that doesn’t mean getting in is a walk in the park. Students have the option of attending the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC), or Creighton University School of Medicine, for their medical education. 

Keep reading to find out how to get into these medical schools in Nebraska!

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Medical Schools in Nebraska

There are two med schools in Nebraska: Creighton University School of Medicine and the University of Nebraska Medical Center, both of which are in Omaha. Each school enjoys small class sizes and offers unique opportunities to students. 

To ensure you have everything you need to know, we’ve collected high-level insights on each school’s admission stats, tuition fees, and program offerings. 

Let’s get started!

1. University of Nebraska College of Medicine

Located in Omaha, Nebraska, UNMC offers a comprehensive medical curriculum. The University of Nebraska can be seen as an ideal path to medical school. With its large student body, many feel at home and may have even studied there for their undergraduate education. 

Admission Stats

The average MCAT score for students enrolled at UNMC is 512, which aligns with the US average. While the MCAT scores are pretty standard, this isn’t the case for the mean GPA, which rests at 3.84, notably higher than the 3.73 US medical school mean.

Don’t forget to build an MCAT study schedule to avoid feeling overwhelmed on your pre-medical journey. Even if your GPA is less than stellar, that’s no reason to be discouraged. 

Having the right outlook and being willing to adapt to your situation are all positive traits in the medical field and can help you on your track to becoming a physician.

Fortunately, the admission rate at UNMC is a bit higher than average, accepting 6.97% of applicants. This starkly contrasts the 3.52% mean at US med schools. With nearly twice as many applicants getting in, it’s considered an easier medical school in Nebraska to gain admission to.


It’s no secret that nearly all American medical students worry about student loans in one way or another. What’s good to know is that UNMC is cheaper than other options, with tuition starting at $48,000 per year for out-of-state students. This is a considerable difference compared to the $62,125 US med school average. In-state students only pay $35,360.

That being said, knowing the best financial aid options can ease the monetary burden of your studies. Having the right plan when funding your education will let you focus on your career as a physician long-term. Also, don’t forget–some med schools also offer free tuition!


UNMC is a solid choice as far as Nebraska medical schools go. Students will enjoy a unique medical school curriculum that prepares them for clinical practice, as well as prestigious combined degree options to choose from, including an MBA and Master’s in Public Health.

2. Creighton University School of Medicine

Creighton’s School of Medicine is another Nebraska med school that offers rich opportunities for future doctors. While the main campus is located in Omaha, in 2012, they opened a satellite campus in Phoenix, Arizona. The school aligns itself with Jesuit and Catholic values and has alumni providing healthcare all over America. 

Creighton originally enabled students to do their clinical rotations in Phoenix in 2005. By 2012, students would have the opportunity to complete their third and fourth year there. As of 2021, they now have a full four-year medical program.

Admission Statistics

The acceptance rate at Creighton’s medical school is about 3.25%. In 2022, 130 students from Omaha and another 100 from Phoenix were accepted. The median MCAT score ranged from 504 to 525. 

For students applying after their undergraduate degree, the median GPA was 3.84, meaning both Nebraskan medical schools have comparable admission averages.

No matter your situation, it’s clear that Creighton provides a credible medical program. Their student body is composed of aspiring doctors from all over America, from different colleges, and a variety of backgrounds. 

Whether you studied sciences, arts, or philosophy at Creighton, you’ll be sure to find others with unique and eclectic interests. 


Students can generally expect to pay $65,454 for tuition at Creighton’s medical program. Note that this is annual and doesn’t include living expenses. The cost of living each year will be roughly $25,000, meaning students will pay around $90k to $100k per annum to attend.

Altogether, the total cost of getting an MD at Creighton will be $376,191. It’s also important to mention that you’ll still need health insurance on top of this. If these costs are making you feel stressed or overwhelmed, don’t panic! Just be sure to research available medical school financial aid options.


When it comes to medical schools in Nebraska, both Creighton and UNMC provide excellent options for obtaining an MD. Whether you want to practice dermatology, surgery, or pediatrics, considering a med school in Nebraska can be a great choice for you.

Nebraska Medical Schools General Insights

While there’s general advice for getting into all medical schools, such as attaining a high GPA, excellent MCAT scores, and good volunteer experience, looking into what each school focuses on can put you ahead of other applicants.

Some important things to keep in mind are that both schools have slightly different approaches when it comes to medical education. UNMC emphasizes different organ systems of the human body, while Creighton aligns itself with Jesuit and Catholic values.

Also, knowing how to prepare for med school interviews can be tough. That’s why you should never be afraid to reach out for key insights and advice. Putting your education first means using the best tools available to build the future that makes the most of your hard work. 

With the right mindset and determination, getting into Nebraska medical schools is possible.

FAQs: Nebraska Medical Schools

If you still have pressing questions or inquiries, check out the FAQs below on how to get into med schools in Nebraska.

1. How Many Medical Schools Are in Nebraska?

There are two medical schools in Nebraska, both located in Omaha. There’s the University of Nebraska Medical Center, which offers a unique curriculum to students. Then there’s Creighton University, which encourages community service by giving back to society to really make a difference with your education.

2. Is the University of Nebraska Medical Center Better Than Creighton School of Medicine?

While neither is necessarily better than the other, they do offer different approaches. This is true if you’re considering more education than just an MD. UNMC offers a combined pathway with a Master’s in Public Health, while Creighton can help you succeed with a Master of Health Care Ethics.

3. Does Nebraska Have Good Medical Schools?

Medical schools in Nebraska are solid and reputable. Students can choose from UNMC and Creighton Medical School. Both offer robust educations with combined degree options. These schools have high standards and can set students up for successful careers in medicine through rigorous training and learning standards.

4. Is The University of Nebraska a Good Medical School?

UNMC is an excellent choice across the board. The unique curriculum and learning style favors a more application-based pedagogy where critical thinking and problem-solving are key aspects of their educational process. 

Being trained to understand medical knowledge as it relates to organ systems can equip students with the tools they need to address patient symptoms and diagnoses. Rather than the traditional structure of US medical schools, UNMC graduates will understand medical issues holistically.

Furthermore, those looking to upgrade their MD with additional studies in public health or research via PhD will have many options at UNMC. After training as a doctor, being able to help patients in the larger community or contribute to medical research can be a strong career aspiration post-medical school.

Final Thoughts

Attending med school in Nebraska can be a wise choice for many. UNMC and Creighton medical school offer aspiring physicians a comprehensive education and provide unique pathways to getting your MD. 

Whether you’re looking to combine your degree options or spend some time on the west coast in Phoenix, you can tailor your education to fit your needs. Also, planning your journey to get into your preferred school means you’ll be one step closer to reaching your medical ambitions.

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