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April 25, 2024
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Are you considering Meharry Medical College for your medical school journey? Follow along to learn everything you need to know about getting into the Meharry Medical College School of Medicine.

Meharry Medical College is one of the country’s oldest and largest historically Black medical schools. Founded in Nashville, Tennessee, in 1876, Meharry became the first medical school in the South for Black students. 

Since then, the school has maintained its legacy by continuously empowering its diverse student population to improve global healthcare.

We’ve created a comprehensive guide to help you get into Meharry Medical School. Follow along to learn about the Meharry Medical College acceptance rate, requirements, application timeline, cost, expert tips on admissions, and more.

Let’s get started!

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Meharry Medical College MD Programs Offered

The following list comprises the available medical programs at Meharry Medical College. For detailed information on what Meharry offers, refer to their school website.

MD Programs Offered Length of Program Key Information
MD Program Four years The program is focused on training students to become competent physicians.
Combined Medical Degree MD/ PhD Seven to eight years This program is in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Health Care Management.
Physician Assistant Sciences Program No more than five years The program is geared to produce physician assistants who are knowledgeable in the medical field and are ethical.

For more information on these programs, check out the school’s website.

Meharry Medical College Acceptance Rate: 1.4%

Meharry Medical College's acceptance rate is 1.4%. Meharry Medical College had 8,084 applicants and 116 enrolled for the past admission cycle. As you can see, Meharry Medical College is extremely competitive, so ensure you have a strong application. 

How Hard Is It to Get Into Meharry Medical College?

Meharry Medical College is highly selective, with an acceptance rate of 1.4%. For context, this translates to for every 10 people applying to UCLA Medical School, only one person is accepted. 

Meharry Medical College Admissions Statistics

To help give you a better idea of what UCLA Medical School expects from its applicants, here are the average GPA and MCAT scores of admitted students. 

Meharry Medical College Average GPA: 3.48

The average GPA for admitted applicants to Meharry Medical College is 3.48. Meharry recommends having a GPA of 3.5 to 4.0 in all of your prerequisite courses for your application to be competitive.

Meharry Medical College Average MCAT Score: 505

The average MCAT score of admitted students at Meharry Medical College is 505, which is competitive. Aim for an MCAT score higher than 505 and must be taken within the last three years to be considered a competitive applicant.

Meharry Medical College Admissions Requirements

Before applying to Meharry, it is crucial to understand the school's expectations and requirements. Below are all the requirements you must meet to apply to Meharry Medical College.

Now that you know how to get into Meharry Medical College, ensure you complete all the application materials to be considered for admission. 

Meharry Medical College Course Requirements

Before applying to Meharry, it is crucial to understand the school's expectations and coursework prerequisites. Below are all Meharry Medical College prerequisites you must complete to apply.

Required Courses Number of Required Semester Hours
General Biology or Zoology with Laboratory 8
Inorganic Chemistry with Quantitative Analysis with Laboratory 8
Organic Chemistry with Laboratory 8
General Physics with Laboratory 8
English Composition 6
Biochemistry 3

Source: Meharry Medical School

Meharry requires each of the above courses to consider your application for admission; taking these courses will not ensure that your application is competitive enough for admission.

How Are Meharry Medical College Applications Evaluated?

Meharry Medical College is looking for applicants with cognitive and non-cognitive skills that indicate their potential success in medical school. The school’s selection process includes a holistic assessment of:

  • Academic performance
  • MCAT scores
  • Recommendation letters
  • Research experiences
  • Essays
  • Extracurricular activities. 

Meharry Medical College also aims for a diverse demographic and cultural student body representing its community. 

How to Improve Your Chances of Getting Into Meharry Medical College

If you aspire to gain admission to Cornell Medical School, it's essential to be prepared for the application process. Consider using strategies to increase your chances at Meharry Medical College.

Here are some helpful tips to get into Meharry Medical College. 

Focus on Your Pre-Medical Performance

Meharry has a long list of pre-medical course requirements and recommends receiving a GPA of 3.5 in each course. It may seem redundant to say, “get good grades,” but not all medical schools put such an emphasis on their prerequisite courses. 

Meharry accepts very few students each year, so make sure you’ve gone above and beyond in your prerequisite course performance. If you’ve done poorly in a required course, allow yourself enough time to retake it. 

Extracurriculars are also an excellent way to demonstrate that you are a well-rounded student. There are no extracurricular requirements on the school’s website. Still, to compete for one of the few positions available at Meharry, we strongly recommend volunteering and participating in at least two extracurricular activities.

Find Ways To Connect To the School

Meharry is competitive, so it’s a good idea to thoroughly research the school's mission, values, history, and full range of offerings. You can demonstrate your research and passion for the school in your secondary essays and interviews by aligning your personal life experiences and qualities with the school.

Come Prepared For Your Interview

The interview can often make or break your application for small, selective medical schools like Meharry. Prepare for your interview by running practice questions with a friend, family member, or tutor and yourself in the mirror. Preparing to answer whatever questions they ask will help calm your nerves on your big day.

You should also do plenty of research on the school before your interview. You should be able to answer questions about the school's programs and what interests you. You should also learn about the school's history and be able to explain why you feel you’d be a good fit for Meharry. The more specific you can be, the better. 

Don’t Forget CASPer!

Not all medical schools require the CASPer test, but Meharry does! Ensure you’ve given yourself at least three weeks before your interview to ensure you’ll receive your results by that date. We recommend taking the CASPer test well before the three-week minimum to allow yourself time to prepare and receive your results ahead of time. 

Remember that you can only take the CASPer test once every admissions cycle, so you should be well-prepared for the test before you begin. 

Choosing what medical school to attend can be tough. Check out this Medical School Comparison tool to help you make the right decision! 

Meharry Medical College Secondary Application

The Meharry Medical School secondary application is sent to all eligible applicants upon receipt of the initial AMCAS application. A $65 processing fee (sent to CollegeNet) is due upon submitting your secondary application.

A component of the Secondary Application is the secondary essay prompts. You’ll need to answer the prompts so the admissions committee can learn more about you as an applicant. 

Meharry Medical College Interview Format

The final step in the Meharry application process is the interview. A select group of applicants will be invited to interview between September to April. All students invited to interview must take the CASPer test well before their interview date. 

Typically, CASPer scores are available three weeks after taking the test, so you should plan your interview accordingly. We recommend taking the CASPer three weeks in advance to ensure you will receive your results on time.

Meharry Medical College Tuition and Scholarships

The recent tuition fee for in-state Meharry Medical College students is $55,821 per year. It’s the same price for out-of-state students as well. 

Expense Tennessee Resident Non-Resident
Tuition $55,821 $55,821
Comprehensive Fee $1,699 $1,699
Health Insurance $3,992 $3,992
Student Associations $274 $274
Instruments/Computer $754 $754
Transportation $4,565 $4,565
Total Cost $67,105 $67,105

Source: Meharry Medical College 

At the end of your first year of medical school, you can expect to spend around $67,105 for the year.  

How Much Is Meharry Medical College For 4 Years?

The four-year tuition at Meharry Medical College is approximately $268,420 for students. This tuition cost is on the lower side. However, Meharry Medical College has plenty of scholarships to help with the cost!


Meharry Medical College offers students a lot of internal scholarships to apply to. The internal scholarships are donated by alumni and are awarded in the fall during Convocation. Besides the internal scholarships, Meharry Medical College also offers external scholarships and loans to those needing them. 

Meharry Medical College Application Timeline

Here are the important dates to remember when applying to Meharry. Candidates may apply between June 1st­­ to December 15th. Here is a detailed application timeline to look at. 

Date & Deadlines Application Stage
December 15th Final deadline for AMCAS Application
September-April Interviews are conducted. You must take your CASPer test at least three weeks before your interview date to have results ready.
February 19th Admitted Students can select “Plan to Enroll” on AMCAS
April 30th - Final deadline for applicants holding multiple acceptances to commit to enroll before offers may be rescinded.
- Applicants that have committed to enroll at another school withdraw acceptance/waitlist offer
May 1st -A mandatory non-refundable enrollment/orientation deposit of $1500 is due. Final date to withdraw from other institutions.
April-June Waitlisted applicants that have been accepted must commit or plan to enroll.
June 24th Orientation for New Students
June 25th Classes begin. Tuition is non-refundable by this date.

Source: Meharry Medical College

When it comes to getting started with your medical school application, the earlier you start, the better. Making sure you have time to take all prerequisite courses and improve your application as much as possible is imperative. 


Here are our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about how to get into Meharry Medical School.

1. Is Meharry Medical College A Good Medical School?

Meharry Medical School is well-regarded by alumni. Although the school does not maintain high rankings on popular forums, it does not have a bad reputation. Meharry is among the top medical schools in Tennessee and is a great option for students who want to live in the area. 

2. What MCAT Score Do I Need for Meharry Medical College?

The average MCAT score of the incoming class at Meharry Medical School is 505. Achieving a score close to the average (or above, if possible) is recommended. 

3. Is Meharry Medical College MD or DO?

Meharry offers an MD degree and several combined MD and PhD options. The school also has excellent dental education programs. 

Final Thoughts

Meharry is a competitive school with a small acceptance rate, but getting in is achievable with a solid application. Focus on connecting with the school’s history and values while ensuring your grades meet and exceed the current class averages. 

Attending and doing well in the mandatory prerequisite courses is also necessary for getting into Meharry Medical School. If you’re concerned about any aspects of your medical school application, consider hiring an experienced admissions advisor

Admissions advisors can help you with every aspect of the application process; from sending in your initial AMCAS application to practicing for your med school interview, we’ve got you covered. 

Good luck!

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