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MCAT Test Dates: When, Where & How

June 3, 2022
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Key MCAT Test Dates (2022)MCAT Start TimesScore Release Dates


Reviewed by:

Rohan Jotwani

Former Chief Resident in Anesthesiology, Weill Cornell Medicine, & Admissions Officer, Columbia University

Reviewed: 6/3/22

Taking the MCAT is a big step in your medical school journey, so it’s important to know your dates! Here is when, where, and how to take the MCAT, including 2022 key dates.

So, you’ve been preparing for the MCAT for months, and you’re ready to take the test. First of all, give yourself a pat on the back for all your hard work! Studying for the MCAT is no easy feat. When you finally feel prepared, you may start looking for MCAT test dates. 

Here we’ve included all of the information you need about the 2022 MCAT test dates. We’ll also talk about MCAT score release dates, where and how to take the test, and MCAT start times. Let’s get started!

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Key MCAT Test Dates (2022)

As you may be aware, the MCAT is a computer-based standardized test administered several times throughout the year. According to the AAMC, there are 30 exam dates scheduled for 2022. 

Most of these dates run only one 8:00 am exam per day, with the exception of ​​August 26, September 2, and September 9 which will have a 7:30 am and 3:00 pm exam start times.

Below are two full tables of the AAMC’s MCAT exam dates for 2022 along with their corresponding deadlines. Note that the 60 and 30-day deadlines refer to scheduling your test. The 10-day deadline is the final date to cancel, reschedule, or make adjustments to your information. 

Table outlining the 2022 March-June MCAT’s Test Dates, 60 Day Deadline, 30 Day Deadline, 10 Day Deadline, and Score Release Dates
Source: AAMC
Table outlining the 2022 July-September MCAT’s Test Dates, 60 Day Deadline, 30 Day Deadline, 10 Day Deadline, and Score Release Dates
Source: AAMC *The starred dates represent the three MCAT dates that have two tests with the start times of 7:30 am and 3:00 pm. 

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MCAT Start Times

Each of the 30 MCAT exam dates in 2022 has start times of 8:00 am, with the exception of August 26, September 2, and September 9. Those three dates have two exams: one with a 7:30 am start time and the other with a 3:00 pm start time.

Where to Take the MCAT

Upon registering for the test, you can select the MCAT testing location that is most convenient for you. The AAMC administers the test on the dates listed above in locations all across the US and Canada. You’ll be able to see the exact location of your exam on your AAMC account. 

Score Release Dates

MCAT scores are released approximately 30-35 days after your test date. You can see precise score release dates on the AAMC table or MCAT schedule provided above. You can view your released test scores by logging into your AAMC account and clicking the “get your test scores” button on their website.

Final Thoughts

You’ve stressed out enough over your MCAT prep; choosing your test date shouldn’t be stressful too. Make sure to give yourself enough time to retake the test if necessary before applying to medical school. 

Although you have until ten days before the test to schedule your date, it’s a good idea to schedule it as far in advance as possible. That way, you won’t risk any complications, and you’ll have one less thing to stress about.

Good luck with your exam!

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