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Are you ready to prepare for the MCAT? Wondering where you can get practice questions for the MCAT? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Our Free MCAT Practice Question Pop Quiz is a short MCAT practice test designed to test your skills and give you an idea of what to expect on the exam.

Why Do MCAT Practice Questions Matter? 

Completing MCAT practice questions is a crucial step in your prep plan. Practicing with real MCAT questions helps you gain familiarity with test content while gauging your proficiency with MCAT content. 

How Does Inspira’s MCAT Practice Quiz Work?

All you need to do to get started is submit your email address, and you have access to five free MCAT practice questions and answers. After you answer each question, you’ll receive an answer explanation that outlines why you got the example test question right or wrong.

Types of MCAT Sample Questions

All MCAT questions are multiple-choice and revolve around subject areas related to the four MCAT sections

  • Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems
  • Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems
  • Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior
  • Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills

MCAT sample questions can be passage-based or “discrete:” discrete questions stand alone and don’t require additional information besides the question to answer. 

How to Use MCAT Example Questions Effectively

The most effective way to use MCAT questions as a practice and study tool includes answering questions regularly to assess your progress as you gain knowledge and refine your skills. 

Reviewing your MCAT answers (whether correct or incorrect) helps reinforce information and ensures you’re ready to tackle similar questions the next time you encounter one. 

Tracking Progress and Identifying Weaknesses

Unsure where to start with your MCAT prep? Our quiz can help identify weaknesses in just one session—you can see which types of MCAT practice questions or sections you may be struggling with most. Our MCAT Pop Quiz is an excellent tool to track your progress. 

Try revisiting it a few times through your prep journey to gradually see your improvements and progress! 


We’re here to answer your questions about the MCAT and our MCAT Practice Questions Pop Quiz! 

1. How Should I Incorporate Practice Questions into My Study Routine Effectively?

You can incorporate practice MCAT questions into your study schedule to achieve multiple goals. Working through practice questions early can help you identify your weaknesses and pinpoint your strengths, leading to a tailored and more effective study schedule. 

Consider taking regular practice MCAT tests and quizzes to elevate your study routine and improve your score!

2. What Are the Benefits of Using Practice Questions in My Study Plan?

Introducing MCAT practice questions into your study plan can help you assess your progress as you continually work toward your target MCAT score. Answering questions correctly signifies your proficiency, while incorrect answers can signal areas you can improve. 

Inspira Advantage’s MCAT Practice Quiz tool also explains why your answer is incorrect!

3. Do Questions Reflect the Actual Exam Content and Difficulty Level?

Yes, these MCAT practice questions are similar in content and caliber to those you would see on the actual test. While these questions aren’t timed like the real MCAT, you can time yourself to check that you’re on track. 

4. How Many Questions Should I Aim to Complete Before the Exam?

There is no magic number of MCAT questions you should complete before test day, but test-takers will generally complete three to six tests for a total of 690 to 1,380 MCAT questions, not including practice quizzes and assessments. Many test-takers complete multiple full-length MCAT practice tests before the exam. 

5. Are MCAT Questions Hard?

Yes! Like other standardized tests, the MCAT is designed to make sure you understand the foundational knowledge needed for medical school. But, MCAT questions are especially tough to answer as you’re expected to apply learned information to situational questions. 

The best way to prepare for these difficult questions is to answer as many MCAT example questions as possible. Tackling the online MCAT questions in our MCAT Practice Quiz will help you prepare for the exam by highlighting the areas you need to focus on. 

If you want personalized guidance and support tailored to your specific weaknesses, consider working with one of our expert MCAT tutors.

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