Top 9 Pharmacy School Scholarships

October 23, 2023


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Finding pharmacy scholarships can be tough, but we’ve got you covered! Follow along for a list of the top 9 pharmacy scholarships. 

Sometimes the most challenging part of applying for scholarships is getting started. Scholarship research can be a time-consuming task at an already stressful time for students. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top ten pharmacy school scholarships for pharmacy students.

Here we’ll cover ten of the best pharmacy scholarships you should apply to. For each award on our list, we’ve included deadlines, scholarship amount, and who can apply.

Let’s get started!

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The Best Scholarships for Pharmacy School Students

Here is our curated list of the top ten best scholarships for pharmacy students.

1. American Pharmacists’ Association Student Scholarship

The American Pharmacists Association (APhA) offers a number of pharmacy-related scholarships and awards each year. Their student scholarship awards up to $1,750 in funding annually to recognize students who have invested their time and efforts in their school’s APhA chapter.  

To be eligible, students must consistently show active participation throughout at least one academic year of the APhA program and maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher.

Scholarship amount: $1,750

Who can apply: APhA students

Deadline: December 1

2. AFPE Gateway Research Scholarship

The Gateway Research Scholarship is presented in partnership with the American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education (AFPE). This award grants up to $5,000 to passionate, talented pharmacy students at a pre-professional or baccalaureate level. This award aims to support a student in their pursuit of a faculty-mentored research project. 

In addition to submitting the required materials, the applicant must be a full-time student, have completed at least one year of a college degree, and be a US citizen to be eligible for this award. 

Scholarship amount: $5000

Who can apply: Full-time college students, US citizens

Deadline: February 24

3. Air Force Health Professions Scholarship

The Air Force Health Professions Scholarship program is an excellent scholarship opportunity for students who don’t mind participating in active duty after graduation. This program provides coverage for all tuition expenses and additional academic fees. Additionally, a monthly stipend of over $2,000 is provided to students for the duration of the scholarship.

To qualify for this scholarship program, you must be a US citizen, be an aspiring pharmacist, optometrist, clinical psychologist, nurse, doctor, dentist, or public health officer, and have been accepted to an accredited graduate institution.

Scholarship amount: Full tuition + expenses

Who can apply: US citizens, enrolled students

Deadline: Ongoing

4. The Garden Club of America

The Garden Clubs of America sponsors many awards each year, including the Anne S. Chatham Fellowship in Medicinal Botany, The Joan K. Hunt and Rachel M. Hunt Summer Scholarship in Field Botany, and more. These awards provide varied amounts each year to multiple eligible candidates interested in the study of botany. 

The purpose of this award is to encourage medical research into botany and the therapeutic potential of plant life. If this field interests you as a pharm student, you can apply for this scholarship by writing a full research proposal and submitting it alongside the required application materials. 

Scholarship amount: Varied

Who can apply: Pharmacy students interested in medical botany research

Deadline: Varied

5. CVS Caremark Charitable Trust Pharmacy Scholarship

The CVS Caremark Charitable Trust Pharmacy Scholarship offers support for promising pharmacy students who demonstrate a keen interest in the business world of pharmacy. Funds from this scholarship are distributed to several US schools which are awarded to select students through each school’s internal scholarship process.

Each year, the CVS trust provisions up to $5,000 in scholarship funding to eligible candidates. Because this scholarship is offered through individual schools, the requirements for application may vary. However, all applicants must be enrolled full-time in a US or PR-accredited institution.

Scholarship amount: $5,000

Who can apply: Full-time students

Deadline: Varied

6. Tylenol Future Care Scholarship Program

The Tylenol Future Care Scholarship Program offers over 30 scholarships annually to provide financial support to students pursuing various healthcare education programs, including pharmacy. The program offers 25 scholarships of $5,000 and 10 scholarships of $10,000 to selected winners. 

To be eligible, students must be from the US, Puerto Rico, or the District of Columbia and be enrolled in a graduate healthcare degree such as medicine (MD/DO), public health, nursing, or pharmacy. Additionally, students must be in good academic standing, and demonstrate excellent application materials and a passion for their chosen field. 

Scholarship amount: $5,000 and $10,000

Who can apply: Full-time students in their second year of graduate studies in a healthcare field

Deadline: Usually early August

7. Health Resources and Services Administration Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students

The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) was enacted by the US Department of Health to provide scholarships and grants to disadvantaged students. These awards aim to promote diversity and equal opportunities across healthcare fields. 

These scholarships present varying amounts to students who are enrolled in a participating accredited health program such as medicine (DO/MD), dentistry, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, and more. Awards are presented to qualifying students from medically underserved and low-level income communities.

Scholarship amount: Varied (up to $40,000)

Who can apply: Medical students from disadvantaged backgrounds

Deadlines: January 3rd, March 10th

8. The Walmart Health Equity Scholarship 

The Walmart Health Equity Scholarship for Pharmacy Students program was designed to support the financial need of pharmacy students. This scholarship is specifically awarded to qualified applicants who plan to work in medically underserved areas upon graduation. 

To be eligible for this award, you must be enrolled at a US college or pharmacy school, be in good academic standing, and plan to work in an underserved area. Multiple chosen winners will win $5,000 to help pay for their degree. 

Scholarship amount: $5,000

Who can apply: College and pharmacy students

Deadline: Mid to late September

9. Phi Lambda Sigma First Year Graduate Scholarship

Phi Lambda Sigma is the national pharmacy leadership society. The purpose of this leadership organization is to “promote the development of leadership qualities, especially among pharmacy students.” Each year, the society awards the First Year Graduate Scholarship in the amount of $10,000. 

To qualify, applicants must be a member of Phi Lambda Sigma and be in their last year of an accredited Doctor of Pharmacy program. Additionally, candidates must be US citizens and should have plans to enroll in a PhD program upon graduation. 

Scholarship amount: $10,000

Who can apply: Society members, senior pharmacy students

Deadline: May 15th

How to Get Scholarships for Pharmacy School

Now that we’ve listed a few excellent pharmacy scholarship opportunities, let's go over a few pointers on how to win these awards.

Plan Ahead

You should get to know the scholarships you want to apply for, the materials they require, and the deadlines for each at least two months before you begin applying. Planning your application schedule will help you devote an equal amount of time to each application and keep you organized to ensure you stay on top of all your deadlines. 

Consider Your Unique Perspective

You would be surprised by the number of awards available to you due to your unique experience. When doing scholarship research, consider your life experience and what makes you unique. 

For example, you could win scholarships related to parts of your identity, such as your birthplace, age, ethnicity, interests, financial standing, skills, etc. Keep an open mind and play to your strengths! 

Revise, Revise, Revise!

It may seem obvious, but revising your materials thoroughly when applying for each scholarship is extremely important. A small spelling mistake could be the difference between winning or not winning an award. 

Remember, these are highly competitive opportunities and you’ll be up against the best, so your applications should be easy to read and flawlessly executed. Additionally, you should make sure you are not missing any vital information before hitting submit.

FAQs: Pharmacy School Scholarships

Here are our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about pharmacy school scholarships.

1. Can I Go to Pharmacy School for Free?

There are full scholarship opportunities for pharmacy school students. For example, the military offers a full-ride scholarship with a monthly stipend in exchange for a few years of active duty.

2. How Much Does Pharmacist School Cost?

The cost of pharmacy school varies greatly depending on the reputation, location, and length of your program. Generally speaking, pharmacy school can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000 per year, with average tuition typically falling around the $50,000 mark. 

3. Can I Get Full Ride Pharmacy Scholarships?

There are very few full-ride pharmacy scholarships, but there are a few! For example, the military offers full-ride scholarship programs in exchange for active duty. Depending on your financial standing, you may also be eligible for extensive financial aid grants that could cover almost all of your academic expenses.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of pharmacy school scholarships out there for those who are willing to do the research. When looking for scholarships, remember to consider your unique perspective. Scholarship opportunities are available for all sorts of character traits and backgrounds. 

Additionally, remember to plan out your deadlines and organize your time so that you can give each application your full attention. It never hurts to apply for more scholarships, the more, the merrier. 

Good luck!

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