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Medical Schools That Require CASPer

August 15, 2022
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What is the CASPer Test?List of Medical Schools That Require CASPerWhen Should I Take The CASPer?FAQs: Medical Schools That Require CASPer


Reviewed by:

Jonathan Preminger

Former Admissions Committee Member, Hofstra-Northwell School of Medicine

Reviewed: 5/13/22

If you’re interested in attending medical school and want to know if you need to write the CASPer test, read on for a list of medical schools requiring CASPer.

If you’re beginning your medical school journey, you’ve likely heard about CASPer. No, we aren’t talking about the friendly ghost, but in some ways, the CASPer test is very similar – it sounds spooky but is completely harmless once you get to know it.

This guide will give you more insight into the test and detail all of the medical schools that require CASPer.

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What is the CASPer Test?

The Computer-based Assessment for Sampling Characteristics (CASPer) is a behavioral test used by many graduate schools as part of the application process. It is common in medical school applications.

While the CASPer test is nowhere near as hard as the MCAT, it requires students to be able to think critically and type and speak fast. As such, it doesn’t test on any specific knowledge. For instance, one sample question CASPer provides is “think of a time when you had to make a sacrifice in order to accomplish a goal.”

The sample corresponding questions are:

  1. Briefly describe the situation and the sacrifice you made.
  2. Do you regret your decision to make the sacrifice? Why or why not?
  3. Did you learn anything from this situation, and how can it apply to your desired career? Explain your response.

As you can see, these questions aren’t necessarily difficult but require some quick thinking! The CASPer test also takes the form of both video and written responses, meaning you’ll have to be an excellent oral and written communicator.

So, whether you think you’d absolutely ace this test or whether the thought of answering these hypotheticals on the spot terrifies you, this guide will tell you what medical schools require CASPer to help you decide which medical school is right for you! 

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List of Medical Schools That Require CASPer

According to CASPer’s website, there are 54 medical schools that require CASPer. The following are all of the US allopathic and osteopathic med schools that require CASPer:

If any of these medical schools interest you, it’s time to make friends with CASPer!

When Should I Take The CASPer?

The final deadline to take the CASPer test depends on the school you wish to apply to. The CASPer website can tell you the final test date for each school you’re interested in. If you wish to apply for the 2023 school year, you can expect deadlines anytime between October of 2022 to April 2023.

Since you can only take the CASPer test once per admission cycle, you should ensure you take this test when you feel prepared! Try not to just take it on a whim last minute. Just as any other test, going over some practice questions and preparing in advance will help you do well.

FAQs: Medical Schools That Require CASPer

If you still have questions about the medical schools that require CASPer, read on to find the answers.

1. Which CASPer Test Do I Take For Medical School?

 Medical school applicants must take the American Professional Health Sciences test (CSP-10111).

2. Do Medical Schools See CASPer Responses?

No, raters who are hired and trained by Altus, the creator of CASPer, score all responses. Medical schools will only view these scores.

3. Which AMCAS Schools Require CASPer?

Almost every school on the list of medical schools that require CASPer are AMCAS-participating schools except the following:

4. Do Medical Schools Care About CASPer?

As the number of M.D. programs requiring the CASPer has increased over time, medical schools care about this form of assessment when evaluating their applicants. The goal of the CASPer is to test one’s ability to communicate effectively and make quick judgments, all of which are essential to being a physician.

5. Which Schools Are Requiring CASPer Snapshot?

CASPer Snapshot is a one-way video interview with three questions that students must reply to verbally within two minutes. The following schools require CASPer Snapshot:

6. Can You Study For The CASPer Test?

While you can go over sample questions and practice how to answer questions within a limited amount of time, the literature suggests that the CASPer test is generally immune to coaching, meaning it isn’t a test you can study for in the traditional sense.

There isn’t any specific knowledge you’ll need to memorize going into this test as it is a behavioral test that solely tests your judgment. Just get familiar with the format and do practice tests!

Final Thoughts

While CASPer tests behavior rather than knowledge, we totally get that the idea of writing a test on top of the MCAT can seem spooky (and not so friendly).

Regardless, knowing which medical schools require CASPer should help you make a more informed decision about which medical school you’d like to attend. It should also help you prepare for the lengthy medical school application process.

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