How Much Does PA School Cost?

April 25, 2024


Reviewed by:

Luke Hartstein

Former Admissions Committee Member, NYU Grossman School of Medicine

Reviewed: 4/25/24

Pursuing a career as a physician assistant comes with great rewards, but also a major financial investment. This article will cover everything you need to know about the cost of PA schools.

Physician Assistants (PA) are essential to quality healthcare. They take on day-to-day clinical procedures, working closely with physicians and patients to perform physical exams, prescribe medication, diagnose and treat illnesses, and order tests, among many others. 

This article explores the entire cost of PA programs, strategies to reduce expenses, and realistically managing debt after graduation. Whether researching public versus private universities or calculating total budget impacts, you’ll get insider perspectives on the dollars and length of time. With this information, you can determine if and how investing in an advanced healthcare career fits your situation.

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Average Cost of PA School

Across all PA programs, both public and private, the average tuition for residents now sits at $95,165 for the entire 27-month program. As aspiring physician assistants prepare their applications for the 2024-2025 cycle, it's important to understand the latest average costs.

  • The $95,165 average tuition represents a significant 5.33% annual increase over the last five years.
  • For non-residents, it's even pricier at an average of $103,660 in total tuition. While lower than resident tuition hikes, non-resident tuition has still increased by 3.5% per year over the last half-decade.
  • Public school residents pay $56,718 on average, while non-residents at public universities fork out $88,168. Private institutions are the most expensive option, with an average tuition of $91,639 regardless of residency status.

While PA remains an attractive career path given the median salary of $115,390 according to 2021 Bureau of Labor Statistics data, the continually rising tuition makes financing PA school a challenge. Students should research scholarships, grants, federal loan options, and other ways to fund their investment into this fulfilling and high-growth career.

PAs typically take on about 80-90% of the services that physicians provide. With this said, becoming a PA naturally requires a thorough medical education. Aspiring PAs have to complete a bachelor’s degree prior to PA school and then complete a two-year master’s degree along with a licensing exam to be able to practice.

After completing an undergraduate degree, students will have to submit their application through the Centralized Application for Physician Assistants (CASPA). The initial application costs $184, with each additional program costing $61. You might also incur some additional costs depending on which programs or schools you apply to. 

Most schools may also require a seat deposit to secure your spot. Depending on which school you choose, this deposit can range between $150 to $1,000. 

As you go through the application process and do your research, you’ll notice that the cost of PA school falls within a large range. With the wide variety of schools and programs available, along with additional costs such as course materials and personal expenses, figuring out how much PA school costs can take a bit of guesswork.  

Below we’ll get into the specifics of PA school price ranges and the options you’ll have when it comes to pursuing your education as a PA. 

Cost of Private Vs. Public PA Programs

Private PA programs average $91,639 in tuition, compared to $56,718 for in-state public programs. Key factors in the higher private costs include lack of state subsidies, higher operating expenses, and out-of-state premiums at public universities.

  • Over the past year, average resident tuition increased 4-7% across the board. However, private PA programs charge significantly more overall.
  • Average total tuition and fees at private schools is $96,311 - far higher than the $56,718 public school residents pay. The gap widens even further for non-residents.
  • Incidental costs like textbooks and equipment are also far pricier at private universities, rising 139% in 2022 to $4,672. Public school incidentals rose just 23% to $5,937.
  • Complicating matters further is the fact that 62.5% of PA programs are now private, while public university capacity continues to lag at only 35.6% of total seats.
  • And that's not even including the rising costs just to apply. Applying to PA school costs around $6,000 on average in 2024, between CASPA fees, supplemental applications, campus travel, and more.
Cost Comparison Public PA Programs Private PA Programs
Average Total Resident Tuition $56,718 $91,639
Average Total Nonresident Tuition $88,168 $91,639
Average Incidental Costs (books, equipment, etc.) $5,937 (23% increase since 2021) $4,672 (139% increase since 2021)
Percentage of Total PA Programs 35.6% 62.5%

Students must weigh all these factors carefully when selecting which programs to apply to. Attending private institutions will mean taking on more debt, but may be necessary given limited public university capacity.

As mentioned, the cost of attending PA school falls in a large range. Below are a few considerations you should make as you create your PA school application list:

  • Are you a resident or non-resident applicant? 
  • Are you applying for a public or private PA school? 
  • What state would you like to study in? 

These three primary considerations greatly influence how much your PA education might end up costing you. Generally speaking, average tuition costs are higher for non-residents and private PA schools. 

If you’re hoping to attend a private PA school, you can expect to pay an approximate average of $95,000. On the other hand, the cost of public PA programs differs depending on your residency. In-state residents can expect to pay $52,000 on average, while out-of-state residents can expect to pay $94,000 for their PA education. 

Keep in mind that these costs continue to increase between 3-5% per year.

Cost of PA Schools in the US

While attending a private or public PA program can impact the cost of your education, geographical location also plays a large part in tuition costs. As we know, there is a stark difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition fees for public PA schools, but these prices can vary depending on the state. 

The most expensive states to pursue a PA degree are California, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Tennessee, with the average tuition costs ranging between $90,000 to $110,000. 

More affordable states to pursue your studies are Kansas, Texas, Alabama, Iowa, and Wisconsin, where the average tuition costs range between $50,000 to $80,000. 

As you determine which schools are within your financial reach, it’s also important to consider other costs such as books and supplies, room and board, applications, exams, travel, and other personal costs throughout the duration of your degree. 

Given this diverse range, we’ll be providing a list of the most expensive PA schools, the cheapest PA schools, and the top ten PA schools and their respective tuition costs. 

PA Program Resident tuition Nonresident tuition
A.T. Still University (Arizona) $108,604 $108,604
A.T. Still University of Health Sciences (Central Coast) $100,928 $100,928
AdventHealth University $90,490 $90,490
Albany Medical College $67,242 $67,242
Alderson-Broaddus University $105,160 $105,160
Arcadia University (Arcadia University-Glenside) $98,730 $98,730
Arcadia University – Dual Degree: MPH/MMS $130,365 $130,365
Arcadia University – Delaware Campus $98,730 $98,730
Arizona School of Health Sciences $99,524 $99,524
Ashland University $92,500 $92,500
Assumption University $110,000 $110,000
Augsburg University $99,567 $99,567

PA Program Resident tuition Nonresident tuition
Augusta University $48,825 $97,650
Baldwin Wallace University $89,000 $89,000
Barry University – St. Petersburg $79,646 $79,646
Bay Path University $112,770 $112,770
Baylor College of Medicine $112,031 $112,031
Bethel University (MN) $97,104 $97,104
Bethel University (TN) $96,250 $96,250
Boston University School of Medicine PA Program $114,491 $114,491
Brenau University $95,855 $95,855
Bryant University $105,717 $105,717
Butler University $94,100 $94,100
California Baptist University $97,380 $97,380

PA Program Resident tuition Nonresident tuition
California State University – Monterey Bay $108,283 $108,283
Campbell University $72,595 $72,595
Canisius College $98,450 $98,450
Carlow University $96,900 $96,900
Carroll University $96,695 $96,695
Case Western Reserve University $103,397 $103,397
Central Michigan University $93,100 $93,100
Chamberlain University $103,870 $103,870
Chapman University $121,472 $121,472
Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science $111,061 $111,061
Charleston Southern University $94,665 $94,665
Chatham University $102,906 $102,906

PA Program Resident tuition Nonresident tuition
Christian Brothers University $110,800 $110,800
Clarkson University $108,087 $108,087
College of Mount Saint Vincent $105,000 $105,000
College of Saint Mary $84,300 $84,300
College of St. Scholastica $100,130 $100,130
Colorado Mesa University $83,850 $83,850
Concordia University $96,250 $96,250
Concordia University-Ann Arbor $99,610 $99,610
Creighton University – Omaha $90,984 $90,984
Creighton University – Phoenix $94,237 $94,237
CUNY York College $36,655 $74,385
D’Youville University $83,032 $83,032

PA Program Resident tuition Nonresident tuition
Daemen College $103,688 $103,688
Delaware Valley University $98,300 $98,300
Des Moines University $88,560 $88,560
DeSales University $82,500 $82,500
Dominican University $99,890 $99,890
Dominican University of California $120,140 $120,140
Drexel University $95,706 $95,706
Duke University Medical Center $106,812 $106,812
Duquesne University $298,324 $298,324
East Carolina University $46,526 $46,526
Eastern Michigan University $85,078 $85,078
Eastern Virginia Medical School $95,529 $116,325

PA Program Resident tuition Nonresident tuition
Eastern Virginia Medical School – Early Assurance $87,865 $108,661
Elizabethtown College $111,000 $111,000
Elon University $101,578 $105,134
Emory & Henry College $83,608 $83,608
Emory University $109,594 $109,594
Fairleigh Dickinson University $108,000 $108,000
Faulkner University $89,250 $89,250
Florida Gulf Coast University $55,024 $138,479
Florida International University Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine $91,172 $93,564
Florida State University $64,887 $74,889
Francis Marion University $80,624 $148,971
Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University(Our Lady of the Lake College) $90,392 $90,392

PA Program Resident tuition Nonresident tuition
Franklin College $87,500 $87,500
Franklin Pierce University $81,900 $81,900
Frostburg State University $61,777 $90,090
Gannon University $211,935 $5,803
Gannon University-Ruskin $127,340 $127,340
Gardner-Webb University $97,122 $97,122
George Fox University $117,600 $117,600
George Washington University $145,836 $145,836
Grand Valley State University-Grand Rapids $79,619 $79,619
Grand Valley State University-Traverse City $79,619 $79,619
Hardin-Simmons University $103,400 $103,400
Harding University $106,244 $106,244

PA Program Resident tuition Nonresident tuition
Hawai’i Pacific University $51,074 $51,074
High Point University $112,000 $112,000
Hofstra University $123,790 $123,790
Howard University Physician Assistant Program $67,546 $67,546
Idaho State University $75,863 $128,753
Indiana State University $39,618 $77,841
Indiana University School of Health & Human Sciences Master of Physician Assistant Studies Program (IUPUI) $62,160 $89,688
Ithaca College $108,465 $108,465
James Madison University $68,495 $88,168
Johnson & Wales University $101,112 $101,112
Kansas State University $56,271 $113,830
Kean University $76,454 $98,161

PA Program Resident tuition Nonresident tuition
Keck Graduate Institute $117,850 $117,850
Kettering College $95,046 $95,046
King’s College $94,350 $94,350
Lake Erie College $90,160 $90,160
Lawrence Technological University $106,000 $106,000
Le Moyne College $95,778 $95,778
Lincoln Memorial University $95,060 $95,060
Lincoln Memorial University-Knoxville $95,060 $95,060
Lipscomb University $119,527 $119,527
Lock Haven University $61,947 $88,157
Loma Linda University $107,680 $107,680
Long Island University $116,100 $116,100

PA Program Resident tuition Nonresident tuition
Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Shreveport $39,000 $66,000
Louisiana State University – New Orleans $53,446 $105,877
Marietta College $80,000 $80,000
Marist College $101,220 $101,220
Marquette University $110,277 $110,277
Marshall B. Ketchum University $125,362 $125,362
Marshall University $68,642 $107,142
Mary Baldwin University (Murphy Deming College of Health Sciences) $89,010 $89,010
Marywood University $91,670 $91,670
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS) – Worcester $139,125 $139,125
Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences $99,160 $99,160
MCPHS University (Boston) $147,075 $147,075

PA Program Resident tuition Nonresident tuition
MCPHS University (Manchester/Worcester) $139,125 $139,125
Medical University of South Carolina $62,818 $108,409
Meharry Medical College $115,554 $115,554
Mercer University $85,674 $85,674
Mercy College $97,560 $97,560
Mercy College of Ohio $100,800 $100,800
Mercyhurst University $106,713 $106,713
Methodist University $102,550 $102,550
MGH Institute of Health Professions $111,300 $111,300
Miami University $112,000 $112,000
Miami-Dade College $31,866 $77,347
Michigan State University $74,998 $85,001

PA Program Resident tuition Nonresident tuition
Middle Tennessee State University $65,722 $149,380
Midwestern University (Downers Grove) $117,874 $117,874
Midwestern University (Glendale) $127,104 $127,104
Milligan University $99,420 $99,420
Misericordia University $105,315 $105,315
Mississippi College $90,400 $90,400
Mississippi State University – Meridian $70,000 $128,334
Missouri State University (formerly SWMS) $49,838 $77,678
Monmouth University $134,300 $134,300
Morehouse School of Medicine $80,000 $80,000
Mount St. Joseph University $92,400 $92,400
New York Institute of Technology $144,060 $144,060

PA Program Resident tuition Nonresident tuition
North Central College $111,549 $111,549
North Greenville University $111,600 $111,600
Northeastern State University $39,438 $73,223
Northeastern University $100,950 $100,950
Northeastern University – Dual MS/MPH Program $100,950 $100,950
Northern Arizona University $80,360 $111,152
Northwest University School of PA Medicine $102,078 $102,078
Northwestern College $89,570 $89,570
Northwestern University $102,078 $102,078
Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale $87,875 $87,875
Nova Southeastern University, Fort Myers $87,875 $87,875
Nova Southeastern University, Jacksonville $87,875 $87,875

PA Program Resident tuition Nonresident tuition
Nova Southeastern University, Orlando $87,875 $87,875
Ohio Dominican University $86,390 $86,390
Ohio University $58,956 $61,294
Oklahoma City University $90,874 $90,874
Oklahoma State University $41,928 $81,928
Oregon Health & Science University $93,636 $93,636
Pace University – Pleasantville $117,000 $117,000
Pace University-Lenox Hill Hospital, NYC $123,622 $123,622
Pacific University $110,005 $110,005
Penn State University $80,214 $80,214
Pennsylvania College of Technology $58,356 $82,800
Pfeiffer University $118,310 $118,310

PA Program Resident tuition Nonresident tuition
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine $103,931 $103,931
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine – Georgia Campus $103,931 $103,931
Point Loma Nazarene University $117,860 $117,860
Presbyterian College $94,000 $94,000
Quinnipiac University $104,835 $104,835
Radford University $80,295 $80,295
Red Rocks Community College $69,448 $79,870
Rochester Institute of Technology $251,536 $251,536
Rocky Mountain College $103,457 $103,457
Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions $115,938 $115,938
Rocky Vista University $95,298 $95,298
Rosalind Franklin Univ of Medicine (formerly Finch) $98,728 $98,728

PA Program Resident tuition Nonresident tuition
Rush University $102,360 $102,360
Rutgers University $91,884 $137,826
Sacred Heart University $114,405 $114,405
Saint Catherine University $101,185 $101,185
Saint Elizabeth University $109,499 $109,499
Saint Francis University $118,626 $118,626
Saint Joseph’s University (Univ. of the Sciences) $100,000 $100,000
Saint Louis University $92,860 $92,860
Salus University (formerly Pennsylvania College of Optometry) $91,340 $91,340
Samford University $90,150 $90,150
Samuel Merritt University $114,644 $114,644
San Juan Bautista School of Medicine $108,604 $108,604

PA Program Resident tuition Nonresident tuition
Seton Hall University $129,600 $129,600
Seton Hill University $113,932 $113,932
Shenandoah University $100,680 $100,680
Slippery Rock University $86,472 $119,341
South College – Asheville $101,250 $6,250
South College – Atlanta $105,750 $105,750
South College – Knoxville $105,750 $105,750
South College – Nashville $105,750 $105,750
South University in Savannah $98,475 $98,475
South University, Richmond $99,645 $99,645
South University, Tampa $99,630 $99,630
South University, West Palm Beach $99,630 $99,630

PA Program Resident tuition Nonresident tuition
Southern California University of Health Sciences $108,997 $108,997
Southern Illinois University $70,000 $120,000
Springfield College $118,320 $118,320
St. Ambrose University $106,518 $106,518
St. Bonaventure University $102,500 $102,500
St. John’s University (formerly SVCMC) $135,240 $135,240
Stanford University $162,945 $162,945
Stephens College $90,230 $90,230
Sullivan University $109,900 $109,900
SUNY Downstate Medical Center $56,770 $104,930
SUNY Upstate Medical Center $56,770 $104,930
Temple University Lewis Katz School of Medicine $90,445 $94,744

PA Program Resident tuition Nonresident tuition
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center $44,881 $95,881
The CUNY School of Medicine (formerly CCNY Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education) $38,815 $68,400
The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Southwestern School of Health Professions $38,528 $85,008
Thiel College $110,700 $110,700
Thomas Jefferson University – New Jersey Campus $97,126 $97,126
Thomas Jefferson University, Center City Campus $97,126 $97,126
Thomas Jefferson University, East Falls Campus $99,068 $99,068
Touro College (Long Island) $135,530 $135,530
Touro College (Manhattan) $151,630 $151,630
Touro College (Middletown) $135,350 $135,350
Touro University California $145,470 $145,470
Touro University Nevada $104,591 $104,591

PA Program Resident tuition Nonresident tuition
Towson University CCBC – Essex $47,236 $97,804
Trevecca Nazarene University $92,300 $92,300
Trine University $106,400 $106,400
Tufts University $106,938 $106,938
Union College $132,450 $132,450
University of Alabama at Birmingham $65,780 $156,745
University of Arkansas $66,561 $93,392
University of Bridgeport $102,655 $102,655
University of California-Davis $145,683 $145,683
University of Charleston $87,500 $87,500
University of Colorado $64,242 $139,086
University of Dayton $94,482 $94,482

PA Program Resident tuition Nonresident tuition
University of Detroit Mercy $106,350 $106,350
University of Dubuque $96,000 $96,000
University of Evansville $99,050 $99,050
University of Findlay $118,643 $118,643
University of Florida $55,320 $122,994
University of Iowa $52,573 $101,229
University of Kentucky $61,816 $113,903
University of Kentucky – Morehead $52,807 $104,895
University Of La Verne $110,920 $110,920
University of Lynchburg $92,372 $92,372
University of Mary Hardin-Baylor $133,190 $133,190
University of Maryland Baltimore Physician Assistant Program $84,796 $112,636

PA Program Resident tuition Nonresident tuition
University of Maryland Eastern Shore $68,760 $105,390
University of Michigan – Flint $104,432 $160,832
University of Missouri – Kansas City $79,856 $95,830
University of Mount Union $91,000 $91,000
University of Nebraska Medical Center $55,110 $86,705
University of Nevada, Reno $92,730 $92,730
University of New England $102,430 $102,430
University of New Mexico $60,702 $86,749
University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill $63,268 $109,414
University of North Dakota $50,618 $73,570
University of North Texas HS Center Ft Worth $36,483 $97,671
University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City $93,058 $93,058

PA Program Resident tuition Nonresident tuition
University of Oklahoma, Tulsa $93,058 $93,058
University of Pittsburgh $90,936 $108,076
University of Pittsburgh – Hybrid Program $90,936 $108,076
University of Saint Francis (Fort Wayne) $114,275 $114,275
University of South Alabama $58,080 $135,278
University of Saint Joseph $124,094 $124,094
University of South Carolina SOM $52,815 $91,896
University of South Dakota $49,291 $101,539
University of South Florida $68,166 $129,066
University of Southern California (LA) $174,380 $174,380
University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences $106,085 $106,085
University of St. Francis $94,500 $94,500

PA Program Resident tuition Nonresident tuition
University of Tampa $107,114 $107,114
University of Tennessee Health Science Center (Memphis) $49,154 $81,518
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley $100,000 $100,000
University of Texas – HS Center at San Antonio $40,431 $86,534
University of Texas – Medical Branch at Galveston $100,000 $100,000
University of the Cumberlands $83,537 $83,537
University of the Cumberlands, Northern Kentucky Campus $85,732 $85,732
University of the Pacific $125,902 $125,902
University of Toledo $76,902 $123,786
University of Toronto $107,010 $107,010
University of Utah $78,120 $116,314
University of Washington $85,365 $85,365

PA Program Resident tuition Nonresident tuition
University of Wisconsin – Madison $53,987 $109,571
University of Wisconsin – La Crosse $40,188 $78,264
Ursuline College $105,100 $105,100
Utah Valley University $79,520 $119,520
Valparaiso University $105,280 $105,280

PA Program Resident tuition Nonresident tuition
University of Wisconsin – Madison $53,987 $109,571
University of Wisconsin – La Crosse $40,188 $78,264
Ursuline College $105,100 $105,100
Utah Valley University $79,520 $119,520
Valparaiso University $105,280 $105,280
Wagner College $164,760 $164,760
Wake Forest University (Bowman Gray) $87,540 $87,540
Wayne State University $46,718 $86,411
Weber State University $77,640 $112,640
Weill Cornell Medicine Graduate School of Medical Sciences $91,260 $91,260
West Chester University $79,682 $103,013
West Coast University – Texas $81,426 $81,426

PA Program Resident tuition Nonresident tuition
West Coast University – California $118,117 $117,822
West Liberty University $86,991 $122,949
West Virginia University $81,595 $123,588
Western Michigan University $66,830 $100,245
Western University of Health Sciences $88,210 $88,210
Westfield State University $94,880 $94,880
Wichita State University $47,628 $89,329
Wingate University $97,370 $97,370
Wingate University-Hendersonville $97,370 $97,370
Xavier University of Louisiana $98,178 $98,178
Yale University Physician Assistant Online Program $111,167 $111,167
Yale University Physician Associate Program $115,052 $115,052
Yeshiva University $107,520 $107,520

Most Expensive PA Schools 

Here is a list of the most expensive PA schools in the US:

School Location Tuition
(for 2-3 years of study)
Duquesne University Pittsburgh, PA $309,972
Gannon University Erie, PA $127,340
University of Southern California Los Angeles, CA $125,120
Emory University Atlanta, GA $135,960
Touro University - New York New York, NY $160,480

Many factors can contribute to the cost of PA school. These being on the higher-end, it’s likely that factors such as geographic location, resources, and type of institution can contribute to these high costs.

Cheapest PA Schools 

Here is a list of the cheapest PA schools in the US:

School Location Tuition
(for 2-3 years of study)
Miami-Dade College Miami, FL In-state: $41,188
Out-of-state: $54,838
University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley Edinburg, TX In-state: $41,856
Out-of-state: $83,856
University of Texas - HS Center at San Antonio San Antonio, TX In-state: $48,573
Out-of-state: $99,981
Indiana State University Terre Haute, IN In-state: $40,734
Out-of-state: $80,073
East Carolina University Greenville, NC In-state: $54,483
Out-of-state: $100,504

As you can see, even the cheapest schools fall under a wide range depending on your status as an applicant. Naturally, the cost of being an out-of-state student presents a stark jump from the cost for in-state students. 

Best PA Schools

Here is a list of the top ten PA schools in the US and how much it will cost to attend:

School Location Tuition
(for 2-3 years of study)
Duke University Durham, NC $97,902
University of Iowa Iowa City, IA In-state: $47,427
Out-of-state: $96,084
Baylor College of Medicine Houston, TX $86,322
University of Utah Salt Lake City, UT In-state: $82,172
Out-of-state: $ 102,319
Emory University Atlanta, GA $135,960
George Washington University Washington, DC $53,070
University of Colorado Aurora, CO In-state: $64,242
Out-of-state: $139,086
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center - Dallas Dallas, TX In-state: $53,182
Out-of-state: $98,908
Wake Forest University Winston-Salem, NC $133,935
Drexel University Philadelphia, PA $81,666

By now, you’ll have an idea of the general range of PA schools–with its varying costs influenced by location, merit, resource, and student’s resident status. Ensure that you take these into consideration as you choose where you want to pursue your education as a PA. 

How to Pay for PA School

Strategies to fund a PA education averaging $95-104K include scholarships, loans, work programs, military options, and payment plans. While there are many federal and state-level loans available to students, there are also other funding options, such as scholarships and grants, that can support some of your tuition costs without the need for repayment. 

Below are some scholarships and traineeships that can help you pay for a portion of PA school. 

Some programs offer loan repayment programs, such as the Sallie Mae Tuition Pay Plan, The National Health Service Corps Loan Repayment Program, and other state loan repayment programs that can make it easier for you to consolidate any debt you might have incurred throughout your education.

In addition to these resources, some schools also offer in-house financial assistance, so make sure you do your research to see what avenues are available to you!

FAQs: How Much Does PA School Cost?

Deciding to go to PA school is a big investment, and paying for it can be an even bigger one depending on your personal circumstances. While we have covered everything you need to know about the cost of PA schools, you might still be left with some lingering questions. We’ll be answering some FAQs below.

1. How Much Does PA School Cost Per Year?

The typical cost of PA school is $56,718 per year for in-state public programs and $91,639 annually for private schools, based on the total 2-3 year master's program expenses. Factoring in additional costs like living, books, transportation, and lost wages, the overall investment to become $95,165.

2. How Much Does PA School Cost in Texas?

PA school tuition and fees in Texas average $81,800 for resident students and $92,150 for non-residents. The most affordable public program is offered by the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley at $100,000 total for both resident and non-resident students.

3. Where Is the Cheapest PA Program?

The most affordable PA program in the U.S. is offered by CUNY York College in New York, with an in-state tuition of only $36,655 for the entire master's program.

4. How Much Debt Do PA Students Have?

The average PA student graduates with $112,500 in student loan debt, over double the national average across professions. Nearly 85% of PA students take out loans across over 200 accredited programs.

Final Thoughts

Although the cost of PA school is high, there are options and strategies to make an advanced medical education financially feasible. Public universities, in-state tuition discounts, scholarships, work/study programs, loan repayment assistance, and other cost-saving measures can reduce the burden.

As you chart your journey to become a PA, carefully weigh each program's total value, earning potential, and fit with your budget realities. While easy to fixate on the dollar figures, don't let tuition be the only deciding factor.

With prudent planning, an affordable path to a rewarding PA career is within reach for motivated students. The demand for compassionate, competent PAs is only growing. Now is the time to take a leap toward this bright future!

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