2024 CASPer Test Dates

May 10, 2024
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Stay ahead in your application game with our guide for this year’s CASPer test dates. Learn how to plan, register, and prepare effectively for this essential evaluation tool. 

Whether you want to become a radiologist, neurologist, or any other health-related profession, one crucial aspect of this journey is staying informed about the CASPer test. This computer-based assessment is used to evaluate aspiring healthcare professionals’ personal characteristics and interpersonal skills. 

As more and more medical schools and healthcare programs incorporate the CASPer test into their admissions criteria, staying abreast of the test dates becomes essential to ensure you're well-prepared for this crucial step in your academic journey.

In this article, we’ll outline the 2023 test dates and discuss everything you need to know about scheduling your CASPer test. Let’s get started!

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2024 CASPer Test Dates

Here are the CASPer test dates for the 2024 cycle, categorized according to program.

  • May 2, 2024 - 8:00 PM EDT
  • May 14, 2024 - 8:00 PM EDT
  • May 30, 2024 - 6:00 PM EDT and 8:00 PM EDT
  • June 11, 2024 - 6:00 PM EDT and 8:00 PM EDT
  • June 27, 2024 - 6:00 PM EDT and 8:00 PM EDT

Keep track of these dates to ensure you don't miss your opportunity to take the CASPer test and progress toward your healthcare career goals.a

How to Schedule Your CASPer Test

As a prospective candidate, understanding how to schedule your CASPer test is necessary for your application process. This is because the right test date can impact your chances of acceptance. Here are the steps you need to follow to schedule your CASPer test:

  1. Click ‘+ Reserve new test’ on the Altus Suite homepage.
  2. Select the country in which the program(s) you are applying to reside.
  3. Select the language you would like to use when taking the Casper test, if applicable.
  4. Select the admission cycle for your program(s).
  5. Select the program type(s) you are applying to.
  6. Select the school(s) you are applying to.
  7. Type the application/student ID number(s)
  8. Select your desired test date (Check the time zone carefully!)
  9. Review your test reservation details.
  10. Input your payment information (Only major credit cards are accepted),
  11. Confirm and submit your test reservation payment.

By following these straightforward steps, you can secure your CASPer test date and ensure a successful application process.

Factors to Consider When Scheduling Your CASPer Test

When it comes to scheduling your CASPer test, here are some essential considerations:

Preparation Time

Consider how much time you'll need to prepare for the CASPer test. It's essential to dedicate sufficient time to familiarize yourself with the test format, practice answering situational judgment questions, and develop your writing skills. Typically, a few weeks of preparation are recommended.

Personal Schedule

Take into account your personal schedule and commitments. Ensure that your chosen test date doesn't conflict with other important obligations, such as work, classes, or travel plans.

Time Zone Considerations

CASPer dates are scheduled based on Eastern Standard Time (EST). If you're in a different time zone, adjust the test time to your local time zone to avoid any confusion on the test day.

Availability of Accommodations

If you require accommodations due to a disability or medical condition, contact the CASPer test administrators in advance to arrange for appropriate accommodations. Ensure that your chosen test date allows enough time for this process.

Test Scores Release Timeline

When scheduling your test date, it's crucial to consider how long it will take for your scores to be released. CASPer scores are automatically sent to the programs you've selected approximately 2-3 weeks after your test date. 

This timing is important to ensure that your scores reach the programs in time to meet their application deadlines. Once sent, programs typically update application statuses within their individual application portals. Therefore, select a test date that aligns with your program's deadline and allows sufficient time for score transmission.

FAQs: CASPer Test Dates

Here are answers to some frequent questions people ask on CASPer test dates

1. Can You Take the CASPer Test Whenever?

The CASPer test has specific test dates in each application cycle. So, select any date you want. However, it's important to select one that aligns with your application deadlines and personal schedule.

2. How Much Does the CASPer Test Cost?

The fee for sending your CASPer scores to a single program is $12. Additional programs can be added for an additional cost. It's recommended that you check the CASPer website for the most up-to-date pricing information.

3. How Many Times Can I Take the CASPer Test?

You can take the CASPer test only once per application cycle. However, some programs have specific policies regarding how many times they will consider your CASPer scores. 

4. How Do I Register for the CASPer Test?

To register for the CASPer test, you need to create an account, select the programs you're applying to, and choose from the available test dates. After selecting your programs and test date, you can proceed to payment. Make sure to complete the registration process before the deadline to secure your test spot.

5. What Is the Format of the CASPer Test?

The CASPer test is an online situational judgment test (SJT) that assesses your interpersonal skills and decision-making abilities. It consists of a series of video-based and written scenarios. 

For each scenario, you'll be asked to type your responses to questions in a limited time frame. The test will evaluate how you handle various ethical and interpersonal situations.

6. How Should I Prepare for the CASPer Test?

While the CASPer test doesn't require extensive content knowledge, practicing your critical thinking and communication skills is essential. Familiarize yourself with the test format by reviewing sample questions and scenarios on the CASPer website. 

Practice typing out your responses under timed conditions to improve your efficiency. Additionally, consider reviewing your own experiences, ethics, and values to be able to provide thoughtful responses during the test.

Final Thoughts

Scheduling your CASPer test dates is a necessary step for several professional programs. Careful planning is essential to ensure sufficient time to prepare and meet application deadlines. 

Remember that CASPer is not just a test of knowledge; it evaluates your interpersonal skills and ethical decision-making abilities. So, approach the test with a calm and focused mind and use your personal experiences and values.

By successfully scheduling and preparing for your CASPer test, you're positioning yourself to showcase your suitability for the programs you aspire to join, ultimately enhancing your chances of being admitted to your desired institutions.

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