Sample CASPer Test Questions Quiz

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Ace the CASPer Test With Inspira Advantage’s Comprehensive Sample Question Quiz

Are you applying to medical schools and preparing to take various tests for the medical school application process? Our Sample CASPer Test Questions Quiz is here to help. It's a straightforward tool designed to familiarize you with the test format and types of questions you might encounter. 

The quiz will help you practice ethical decision-making and critical thinking skills in a timed setting, just like the real CASPer test. Don't let the test stress you out—use our quiz to boost your confidence and readiness for the exam!

How Does the Sample CASPer Test Questions Quiz Work?

The Sample CASPer Test Questions Quiz is designed to help you prepare for the CASPer test. This quiz consists of scenarios, each followed by a set of questions. 

When you start the quiz, you'll be presented with a scenario and then asked to respond to a series of open-ended questions related to that scenario. Your answers are typically timed, reflecting the time constraints of the actual CASPer test. Once you complete the quiz, you may receive feedback or explanations for each question, helping you understand the reasoning behind each answer. 

Tips to Help You  Prepare for the CASPer Test

Here are some helpful tips to prepare for the CASPer exam. 

1. Get to Know the Format

The CASPer exam is a unique test with 14 ethical dilemmas, now including a mandatory video component. It's split into two parts: video response and typed response. In the video part, you'll answer questions for two text and four video scenarios within one minute each. In the typed part, you'll respond to three text and five video scenarios in five minutes, with no option to change answers once submitted.

2. Review With Practice Tests

Prepare for CASPer by practicing with sample questions. The scenarios and questions mirror the actual test. You can find free sample CASPer questions online. 

3. Practice Typing

Because the CASPer test is timed, you mustn’t waste time typing. Boost your typing speed by practicing on websites or creating timed exercises. Efficient typing can improve your chances of success, a preparation step often overlooked. Remember, faster and more accurate typing means more content in your answers.

4. Check Out Your Tech

To take the online test, make sure your technology is up-to-date. Install Chrome or Firefox, as they are the only supported browsers. Avoid using Safari, Explorer, smartphones, or tablets for the CASPer test. Before the test, run a system requirements check using the same technology and internet connection you'll use during the exam.

5. Use Tutoring Services

Seeking tutoring services can drastically help you prepare for the CASPer test. An expert can guide you through the process and tell you what to expect. If you need help preparing for your upcoming CASPer test, Inspira Advantage offers comprehensive tutoring. Book a free consultation today! 


Here are some frequently asked questions and answers. 

1. What Do Most People Score on the CASPer?

Most people score in the middle range on the CASPer test. However, specific average scores can vary depending on the group of test-takers and the programs they're applying to. Generally, the majority of test-takers fall within a moderate scoring range.

2. How Long Does It Take to Prepare for CASPer?

Preparing for the CASPer test takes about six to eight weeks. However, depending on how prepared you feel at the end of your studying, it may take longer. 

3. What Kind of Questions Are on the CASPer Test?

Here are the types of questions you can expect on the CASPer test:

  • Diversity questions
  • Prioritization questions
  • Public health
  • Conflict of interest
  • Moral dilemmas
  • Relationship questions
  • Personal questions
  • Consent

4. What Is a Good Score on the CASPer Test?

A good score on the CASPer test typically falls within the higher percentile ranks. However, specific score ranges can vary depending on the program's competitiveness. Typically, a good CASPer score is anything over 6.5. 

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