Watch How Inspira Advantage Helped Phoebe Navigate the Med School Admissions Process Confidently

Phoebe is a University of Southern California graduate needing help navigating the medical school admissions process—learn how Inspira Advantage supported her on her journey! 


Phoebe found navigating the medical school timeline one of the most challenging parts of the application process. She said it was difficult to know when to submit materials during rolling admissions. “It was really hard for me, the time management portion and deadlines,” she said. 

She also wanted support to ensure her med school personal statement was the best it could be. “I was looking for people who knew what they were talking about and could tell me if I was on the right track or guide me in my personal statement,” she said. 

Phoebe said managing her med school application checklist was challenging, especially with an increasing number of secondary application essays flooding her inbox. “That was the most daunting part for me and where I needed the most help,” she said. Inspira Advantage did just that—read on to learn how we guided Phoebe and alleviated her worries!

How Inspira Advantage Helped

Phoebe has previously worked with another consulting company but struggled with communication problems and felt they weren't “really connecting that well.” Inspira Advantage is dedicated to transparent communication at every step of the way; we ensured Phoebe was matched with her best-fit counselor as soon as possible. 

“The first person that I met with made sure to really get to know me and really understand my needs and then they matched me with Brandon who ended up being a perfect match for me to help me along in this process,” she said. She loved the care we took in the matching process and the sense of urgency we had to get started immediately, especially as she was “already a bit late in the process.” 

To help her combat her anxiety about application deadlines and timelines, we showed her our comprehensive project tracker and had a personalized timeline tailored to her goals and needs. “At our very first meeting, we detailed this entire plan, he showed me spreadsheets and timelines, and my stress was just obliterated after he did that,” she said. 

Phoebe was happy her counselor was always available to provide the support she needed, whether it was some words of encouragement or help tackling secondary essays. “He was incredibly knowledgeable as well as extremely supportive,” she said. 

Her final thoughts? “Thank goodness [Inspira Advantage] was there to help me but I can only imagine how great it would have been to start with them from the beginning.”