Non-Traditional Applicant Gets Into Medical School

Learn how Taylor juggled the AMCAS and TMDSAS applications with Inspira Advantage!


Like many other applicants, Taylor found the medical school application process challenging to navigate alone, especially as a non-traditional applicant. As a Texas resident, she also wanted to apply to in-state medical schools, meaning she’d need to complete the TMDSAS (and AMCAS for out-of-state schools). Taylor knew she “needed help juggling both” applications to ensure her documents would be edited to perfection and submitted on time. 

Before choosing Inspira, Taylor used other services but felt they “didn’t give her a clear plan” of what they were going to do and how they’d help. With her friends already in medical school, she needed a support system to help her through the arduous process. Taylor struggled to find accurate information online and found the admissions process overwhelming – she sought our help to better understand where to start and what she needed to apply with the best application possible!

How Inspira Advantage Helped

Before signing on, Taylor took advantage of our free resources and articles to better understand precisely what she needed to do. At the beginning of our engagement, we used our persona assessment form to better understand Taylor’s experiences, activities, and personality. Taylor said our persona assessment allowed her to “explore” and “see some themes” through her past activities. 

After meeting with her expert medical school admissions counselor, they got to work on her personal statement and TMDSAS essays. “We worked back and forth revising every draft I had,” said Taylor. Inspira Advantage ensured every sentence in every essay served a purpose to share her most impactful stories within character limits to ensure her writing “encompassed everything she wanted to show to the admissions board.”

After working through her application narrative, we helped Taylor identify, summarize, and edit her activities list and prepare for medical school interviews.


Taylor was accepted at UT Southwestern Medical School!