Learn How We Helped Oscar Match Into a U.S. Residency Program After Completing Medical School In Venezuela

Oscar was born and raised in Venezuela, where he completed medical school. Read on to learn how we helped him match into a U.S. residency program!


Oscar, an international med school graduate and residency reapplicant, sought out Inspira Advantage to help boost his application. “This was the second time I applied for the Match, and the first one obviously didn’t go the way we all wanted it to go,” he said. 

He had the support of friends and their families during his residency application cycle, but wanted “someone who had been there and knows how it works to get tips and hints” he needed to succeed. 

“There were many things I couldn’t change [on my application], like my age, my background, and what I’d been doing,” he said. However, Oscar knew his application could benefit from polishing to help him stand out – that’s when he came to Inspira Advantage.

How Inspira Advantage Helped

Inspira Advantage ensured Oscar had the tools and knowledge to navigate the residency application cycle and build a compelling ERAS application. Our professional admissions counselors provide relevant insights and actionable feedback to every candidate they work with. 

“When you check the background of the people that worked with you, it’s people that’ve been doing this for a while…These people know what they’re doing,” said Oscar. 

Oscar also approached us with only a few months until the deadline – he was struck by his counselor’s productivity and ability to “transform” his application “without changing it.” The frequent feedback through video calls and emails helped Oscar feel supported and motivated throughout the process. 

Oscar’s advice to other international medical school graduates? “If you didn’t study here, if you didn’t get your training here, find someone who knows how the system works, because that makes a difference.”


Oscar was matched with Larkin Community Hospital!