Re-Applicant Gets Into Their Dream Dental School


In the last application cycle, Matthew was rejected by a dental school after his interview. Although he felt his application was fairly strong, he worried that perhaps he hadn’t honed his interview skills and wasn’t fully prepared to navigate the process. Matthew felt nervous about interviewing again and was afraid he might not get in, and he wanted to rectify his lack of confidence. 

Matthew wanted to find a source he could use to his “advantage to strengthen the interview skills that would be needed for getting into dental school.” After searching for interview preparation resources, Matthew found us and was impressed with our past reviews and testimonials.

How Inspira Advantage Helped

Matthew said that we caught his attention with our matching process to ensure counselors match an applicant’s “personal preferences, characteristics, and personality.” He signed up for four mock dental school interview sessions, stating it was “the best [money] I’ve spent.” 

We walked him through proven dental school interview tips and helped him reframe his delivery to show his authentic self. We helped him learn how to structure his answers to show who he is and what he could bring to the incoming class. After every session, we provided high-level feedback regarding what he could add to, where to elaborate, and how to make his answers more conversational while maintaining professionalism. 

Matthew said that after practicing with Inspira Advantage, he felt “more than prepared” for his interview. The knowledge and experience our counselors bring to every mock interview session help instill confidence in every candidate we work with. We reassured Matthew that having more confidence in his abilities would increase the chances of a better outcome this time, despite his nervousness from the previous admissions cycle.


Matthew was accepted to his dream dental school, the A.T. Still University Missouri School of Dentistry and Oral Health!