Getting Into Medical School as a Non-Traditional Student


Maggie worked as a teacher for six years and, while completing her master’s degree, decided she was “ready to revisit” her “medical school aspirations.” Maggie knew she needed “a medical school coach” to help her – as a non-traditional applicant with no family members who’ve attended medical school, she wanted someone to walk her through the process. 

Maggie was surprised by how long and arduous the medical school application process was after trying to navigate the cycle alone. “I was feeling insecure about my application and was a little nervous – I’m not traditional and have had another career,” said Maggie. Let’s see how Inspira Advantage helped turn Maggie’s concerns about being a non-traditional application into a valuable application narrative!

How Inspira Advantage Helped

We helped Maggie develop organizational tools and “shortcuts like…making an Excel sheet” to help her amalgamate her most meaningful activities and experiences. Next, we helped Maggie develop a comprehensive school list based on her needs, preferences, academic standing, and aspirations. 

We helped her write a meaningful personal statement that captured Maggie’s personality and experiences. Inspira Advantage helped her revisit herself and decide what she wanted to portray in her personal statement. 

Maggie loved working with a counselor who had recently undergone the medical school admissions process. This first-hand experience allows our medical school admissions experts to provide insider knowledge into what top schools seek in applicants. 

Meeting face-to-face helped Maggie build a great rapport with her counselor, who made her feel safe despite her insecurities about being a non-traditional applicant. We helped Maggie “make herself the best candidate on an application” while setting “high but realistic expectations.”


Maggie was accepted to the Noorda College of Osteopathic Medicine!