Learn How Inspira Advantage Helped Mackenzie Demystify the Med School Admissions Process

Mackenzie wanted to ensure she’d receive the compassionate support she needed to craft successful medical school applications—watch below to learn how Inspira Advantage helped her get accepted!


Mackenzie said one of the biggest challenges of the med school application process is the very beginning. “It seems like they just throw everything at you and it’s hard to determine which steps to take first in order to be successful,” she said. 

As one of the first people in her family to apply to medical school, Mackenzie found the entire process a little overwhelming. With concerns about parts of building her application and writing her personal statement, she knew she could use compassionate, knowledgeable support. 

“I was looking for help to organize the information and clarify what needed to be done,” said Mackenzie. Let’s dive into how Inspira Advantage helped her transform her concerns into confidence! 

How Inspira Advantage Helped

Mackenzie said that what stood out to her most about Inspira Advantage is our commitment to personalized attention and guidance. Our low counselor-to-applicant ratio ensures that every medical school hopeful we work with receives our undivided attention and unyielding support. “I knew that I was going to get the care and attention I needed in order to be able to get into med school,” said Mackenzie. 

We clarified everything Mackenzie would need using our detailed project tracker and considered her schedule to develop a meeting cadence that worked best for her. “We were able to meet on whatever schedule worked for both of us; it was really easy to schedule,” she said. 

Throughout Mackenzie’s journey with her counselor, she found her ability to build up stronger and weaker parts of her application invaluable. “Whenever I would express my concerns about a certain part of the application or fears about writing something like my personal statement, she would really listen to me, take in my fears, and work with me step-by-step in order to achieve the things I was looking for,” said Mackenzie.


Mackenzie was accepted to the University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Medicine!