Learn How Inspira Advantage Helped Léna Get Into McGill University

Léna, who has a background in medical biology, is originally from France and has lived in Montreal for the past five years – learn how we helped her get accepted to McGill University!


One of Léna’s main challenges was keeping up with her application documents and ensuring they were submitted on time. “There’s a lot of things that must be delivered on time, there are lots of requirements, and that felt a bit overwhelming for me,” she said. 

She wanted to ensure that she was meeting all the necessary requirements while crafting a compelling application that would help position her as a fantastic candidate.

How Inspira Advantage Helped

Léna chose Inspira Advantage after noticing how “easy it was to navigate” through our website. She said her consultant was “very patient and understanding” as he helped her understand where she was in the process and her next steps through regular check-ins. “He didn’t hesitate to go beyond what I was expecting,” she said. 

She said Inspira Advantage helped her “check and recheck” her application essays and provided expert tips and help to polish and refine her narratives. 

Léna said she “really valued the time he spent, because we really went in-depth” with her application and she appreciated her consultant’s positive attitude to help her go above and beyond. “It was really good that he was pushing me to do more and not just settle for the minimum requirements. That was really helpful for me.”


Léna was accepted to McGill University!