Learn How Inspira Advantage Helped Josephine Get Accepted to Vet School

Josephine grew up on a ranch and dreams of becoming a large animal veterinarian—learn how Inspira Advantage leveraged her experiences and helped her get accepted to vet school!


Josephine found the vet school admissions process overwhelming when she started. “It was a really intimidating process, there's so many different moving parts to it; every school is looking for different attributes to their candidates, or even when it comes to academics, they're looking for different prereqs and grades,” she said. 

She found juggling GRE prep, taking the Casper, writing her personal statement, and recording all her activities over the last 10 years in the VMCAS application challenging. “I really wanted to make sure that the things that I was putting forward about myself were quality things,” she said. Josephine was looking for support from someone with the experience needed to bring her application to the next level. She said she was searching for someone to “really analyze it” and help her get accepted to vet school on her first attempt. 

Josephine was also starting a little later in the application process—she only had approximately four weeks until applications were due to submit hers when she came to Inspira Advantage. “I'm a very nervous person and this is a very stressful process to go through alone and not really know all the avenues of what could come up,” she said. Let’s explore how we alleviated Josephine’s stress and guided her toward vet school acceptance!

How Inspira Advantage Helped

Josephine said that what stood out to her most about Inspira Advantage was our commitment to accessible, consistent support at every step in the vet school admissions process. “I really, really appreciated that anytime I emailed and anytime I reached out to [my counselor], she would immediately get back to me and we would put a plan in place,” she said. 

Despite Josephine’s tight deadline, we ensured we stayed available to support her with the high-impact guidance she needed to successfully tailor her essays to what vet schools seek in applicants and organize and refine her VMCAS activities to demonstrate all the varied experiences she has working with animals so far. “It's a lot to go through like experiences, awards, all these essays, and getting your transcripts in. But anytime I messaged, she would make time for me,” she said. 

Josephine also found our mock interview prep simulations to be exceptionally helpful. “We practiced like three times a week until my interview for about three weeks. I just really appreciate just having that person to lean on and ask those questions,” she said. 

Josephine said that the most impactful part of Inspira Advantage’s service was the ability to connect with her counselor whenever she needed her. “To be able to shoot her an email and be like, ‘Hey, this is how I'm feeling. What should I do in the process of waiting?’ or, ‘Hey, I have an interview coming up. Is there any way that I could squeeze in one more practice? I'm super, super nervous and I just want to go over everything again.’ She was always right there and willing to do it with such a great attitude.”


Josephine was accepted to the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine!