Second Time Re-applicant Gets Into Medical School

Lauren wanted to make her last attempt at getting into medical school count; learn how we helped her get accepted!


As a second-time reapplicant, Lauren decided to put her all into her last attempt at getting into medical school. However, her lack of confidence was an obstacle after “going through two cycles of rejection.” 

After working with another admissions consulting company in the previous cycle and not seeing the results she was looking for, Lauren was skeptical but willing to work with us – read on for the results!

How Inspira Advantage Helped

We noticed early on in our engagement that Lauren’s low confidence could be a barrier to her success. Together, Lauren worked with her expert admissions counselor to give her confidence a boost and receive assurance that she was capable of getting into medical school.

Lauren said that working with a counselor, in general, was helpful but that the most valuable aspect of our support was our personalized approach to her application narrative and telling her stories. From the very first conversation, we got to know Lauren better to understand her needs, goals, and preferences. 

Our personalized approach helped her tailor not only her personal statement but her school list to find institutions that “resonated with [her] mission and what [she] wanted to do.”


Lauren was accepted to Cooper Medical School of Rowan University and Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine!