Reapplicant Gets Into Top-Choice Medical School


The medical school admissions process can be challenging for first-time applicants and reapplicants alike – Kenneth was searching for support to help him “draw out particular narratives” through his experiences and values. He believes many candidates “have similar sentiments for wanting to go into medicine” and wanted to learn how to transform these values and sentiments and “frame them into a unique narrative.” 

Kenneth also wanted to find medical school application guidance that didn’t have “limitations on edits, or a very strict timeframe on when you had to have certain things turned in.”

How Inspira Advantage Helped

Kenneth was happy to see that instead of complicated essay editing software or programs, Inspira Advantage uses Google Docs “where people can have a real-time feedback system.” Our expert admissions counselors pride themselves in quick turnaround and response times – even in a time crunch, our experts got back to him quickly and allowed him to “get a good feedback system for what needed to change and what needed to improve to maintain a cohesive narrative.” 

Despite signing up for primary and secondary packages, we ensured that Kenneth kept the same counselor who knew his primary application inside out and could “maintain that narrative” throughout.

We helped Kenneth brainstorm the qualities he was professing in free writing exercises and brainstorming exercises to help him “form the foundations of cohesive narratives.” Beyond the content of his personal statement, we helped Kenneth refine his delivery in his secondary essays, including word usage and transitional sentences to expand on his primary application.


Kenneth was accepted to the Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine!