Here’s How Inspira Advantage Helped Non-Traditional Reapplicant Emily Get Accepted to an Osteopathic Medical School

Emily decided to take a few gap years after graduating from Michigan State University before pursuing a Master of Science in Food and Nutrition. Read on to learn how we helped Emily leverage her application and get accepted to medical school as a non-traditional reapplicant!


The challenges of applying to medical school began piling up as Emily navigated creating and gathering materials. “I felt like the process was really daunting, and every step of the way I felt like I was hitting more and more roadblocks…Even just getting through the primaries felt pretty difficult to figure out on my own,” she said. 

Since Emily had applied to medical school once before, she knew there would be multiple secondary applications to complete. “Just getting all the different essays and answering questions to the best of my ability—I really struggled with that, she said. 

From personal statement building to interview prep, Emily wanted to ensure her application and skills were honed to have the best possible chance of admission. She knew she wanted one-on-one support to make it happen—let’s explore how we helped Emily succeed!

How Inspira Advantage Helped

At Inspira Advantage, every medical school applicant receives the actionable one-on-one support they need to make the most of their application documents. “After talking to people, there was a good guarantee I would get the help I needed,” said Emily. We take pride in offering individualized support designed from the ground up to meet the needs of every student we work with, ensuring project plans are realistic and focused on completing key milestones. 

“I really felt cared for and that everyone was listening to my specific needs, and was really able to dig deep,” said Emily. As a non-traditional reapplicant, we took the time to evaluate Emily’s past materials and determine where she could improve her candidacy. Emily said that her counselor “was able to help me edit and make changes from when I had applied in 2021, to really showcase everything I had done since then,” to show admissions committees who she is now. 

We helped elevate Emily’s personal statement, taking it from a collection of paragraphs detailing her love of medicine to a thematic narrative. “This time we really took one theme and showcased how my interests and passions are coming into who I want to be as a future physician,” she said. Emily’s counselor helped her format her essays to follow a logical flow, and ensured that her voice, passion, and hopes for the future were effectively communicated.

The most valuable aspect of Inspira Advantage’s support to Emily? The fact that her counselor was always in her corner and just a text, email, or call away. From application editing to helping her prepare for interviews with mock interview simulations and feedback, Inspira Advantage ensured Emily had the best chance of medical school acceptance!


Emily was accepted to Noorda College of Osteopathic Medicine!