Learn How We Helped Celia Get Accepted to Wake Forest Through ED and Kickstart Her PA Journey


Celia found that pinpointing her strengths and weaknesses in her writing was challenging. Additionally, conflicting advice from Google and school counselors on what she should emphasize made writing even more difficult. That’s when Celia knew she wanted to work with someone who had been through the admissions process with other students. 

“Figuring out which aspects I needed to invest my time into was a stressor of mine, so having someone to guide me and just give me a little bit more of a strategic plan in how I’m going to allocate all my time was really important to me,” she said. 

Celia also wanted to ensure that all her materials would be polished and ready before school deadlines. That’s when she found Inspira Advantage and our testimonies from other happy undergraduate and graduate healthcare students. Let’s dive into how we helped Celia take the first step in her PA journey!

How Inspira Advantage Helped

Celia was struck by our services aimed at students like her interested in a pre-medicine route. “[Inspira Advantage] is going to understand how to best create an application that really makes me appear and shows all my strengths as a student interested in a pre-health route,” she said. 

We paired Celia with a counselor who would fit her aspirations and needs best—we partner students based on their background and goals to help facilitate a meaningful connection that lays the basis for stellar application documents. “[My counselor] by far exceeded my expectations. She was amazing and super responsive and on-task, which was important for me,” she said. 

Celia and her counselor worked through the application building and editing process, discussing her strengths and improvement areas via video chat. “That worked well because we got things done super efficiently and then I got to put my own work into things and have a professional opinion,” she said. “The energy and determination to get all that done with the experience behind that energy made the work quick…and super strong.” 

Celia said that one of the most valuable aspects of her experience with Inspira Advantage was the writing support, explaining the careful balance of listening to your character versus what admissions committees seek in students. “[My counselor] did a beautiful job to help me elaborate or cut down on writing for the most punch in a piece. That was really really helpful,” said Celia.


Celia was accepted to Wake Forest University through Early Decision and is on a pre-PA track!