How I Improved My MCAT Score by 12 Points

Ankita planned to apply to the Texas A&M College of Medicine and ENMED program at the School of Engineering Medicine – the only thing standing in her way was her MCAT score. Learn how we helped her boost her score! 


As part of her early assurance program, Ankita needed to complete a set of requirements – she said that “one thing that stood in her way” was the MCAT. She knew that her MCAT score posed a challenge and wanted to find a tutor that would cater to her learning style and busy schedule – Ankita felt a personalized approach would be the “best way to overcome this hurdle.”

How Inspira Advantage Helped

Ankita was happy to discover that we cater to each student’s learning style and offer flexible scheduling to fit around the busy lives of clients who work with us. Our specialized MCAT tutor matching process ensured Ankita’s tutor would best fit her needs, preferences, and personality. She said working with her tutor felt like “working with a friend” and that she had fun while studying, “making the process more enjoyable” than working alone. 

Our customized approach to MCAT tutoring ensures we structure our study tips, strategies, and schedules to fit student needs. Ankita was pleased we’d determine alternate approaches and strategies to reflect her needs at every step. Our MCAT tutors also make themselves available frequently to answer student questions and adapt to scheduling changes.


Ankita improved her MCAT score by 12 points and scored 4 points higher than her goal score!