What Are My Chances of Getting Into Nursing School? Calculator

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Find Out Your Chances of Getting Into Nursing School: Try Our Free Admissions Calculator!

Our admission calculator is an easy-to-use tool crafted to give you an idea of your chances of getting into nursing school. The calculator will give you insight into your likelihood of acceptance. Whether you're aiming for a top-tier nursing school or a local program, our calculator will help steer you toward success.

How Does Our Nursing School Calculator Work? 

Our What Are My Chances of Getting Into Nursing School? Calculator is here to offer tailored insights using key information such as:

  • Your GPA
  • The amount of prerequisite courses you’ve taken
  • Your standardized test scores scores
  • How much work experience you’ve gained
  • Your extracurricular activities

Once you've provided this information, you'll receive feedback on your acceptance prospects. Whether you excel in academics, have hands-on experience, or possess unique qualities, our tool helps gauge your standing and offers tips to strengthen your application.


Here are some frequently asked questions and answers. 

1. How Hard Is It to Get Into Nursing School?

Gaining admission into nursing school is challenging. Nursing school acceptance rates in the U.S. are around 66%, so ensure you have a strong application. 

2. How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Into Nursing School?

Here are some tips to help you increase your chances of getting into nursing school. 

  • Ensure you meet admission requirements
  • Engage in relevant volunteer work
  • Ensure you complete the required prerequisite courses
  • Write an outstanding personal statement
  • Get glowing letters of recommendation
  • Apply early

Do you need help getting into your dream nursing school? Inspira Advantage offers admission consulting that helps applicants produce strong and competitive applications. 

3. Can You Get Into Nursing School With a Low GPA?

Yes, you can get into nursing school with a low GPA. The minimum GPA cutoff for some nursing programs is 3.0, so as long as you have this, it is possible to get in. It’s important to note that just because you meet the minimum GPA requirement, it doesn’t guarantee acceptance into the school. If you do have a low GPA, ensure your other application materials are strong so they can boost your overall application. 

4. What Is the Top Nursing College in the U.S.?

Duke University has the top nursing program in the country, followed by the University of Pennsylvania, Emory University, and Ohio State University.

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