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Medical School Personal Statement Examples: What You Need to Know

Ah yes, the dreaded medical school personal statement. If it’s your time to start writing, we feel your pain! Examples of good and bad med school statements are all over the internet, but how can you decide which samples are helpful? 

That's why we’ve created the Med School Personal Statement Database. With this tool, you can take a look at successful medical school personal statement examples written by admitted students to help get you started on your own.

What Does Inspira’s Med School Personal Statement Examples Database Contain?

Our database contains nine AMCAS personal statement examples. Each of our medical personal statement samples has been curated by our admissions experts, who have spent countless hours reading through good medical school application personal statement examples from hundreds of med-school hopefuls. Of course, this isn’t a tool for plagiarism, we are simply here to provide you with guidelines and inspiration for your writing. 

If you’re having trouble writing your personal statement, or need guidance on any other part of your application, consider setting up a consultation with one of our former admissions committee members. We’re here to help!

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