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Our personal statement consulting and editing is designed to help you create the most compelling and competitive statement. Feel confident and prepared to submit your essay to the most competitive medical schools in the country.
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An Impactful Personal Statement

We help you select a strong central theme and craft a compelling narrative for why you deserve to attend med school. Through three rounds of edits, we will ensure your statement illustrates your competitive profile, and highlights the specific skills and qualities that showcase you as a successful future physician.
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Structured, Personalized Planning To Conquer The Application Process

A custom project plan is built based on your schedule, preferences, commitments, and needs. Our team works with you to create a game plan that ensures we submit a thought-provoking personal statement on time.
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Expert Consultants From Top Med Schools

Our team consists of physicians from the top schools who have been through the admissions process, served on admissions committees, and are passionate about helping you get into your dream school. They make sure you get relevant insights and craft a personal statement that strikes a chord with the admissions committee.
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How Our Personal Statement Editing Service Works

Complete intake form and diagnostic assessment

Persona Assessment Questionnaire

Our experts want to spend time getting to know you, your background, your learning style and working style, to provide you with the best and most efficient essay crafting and editing service.
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Create an initial, highly personalized MCAT prep plan


Your admissions counselor will work with you to brainstorm a compelling narrative based on your life experiences.
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Work one-on-one with your tutor to rectify weaknesses

Outline and Draft

You will craft an initial outline with your admissions counselor based around your strong central theme. From this outline, you have the building blocks to prepare your first draft.
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Regular assessments through practice tests and simulations


Through three total iterations, your admissions counselor will revise and enhance your draft. Each edit will provide you with detailed feedback on your essay.
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ace the MCAT


With the help of your admissions counselor, you will have a competitive personal statement to add to your application and drastically increase your chances of being accepted into the school of your choice!
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Our Comprehensive Personal Statement Editing Service

Work With An MD / Physician
Professional Writing Adviser
Personal Story Brainstorming Time
Essay Outline
Personal Statement Edits
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Personal Statement

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Work With An MD / Physician
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Professional Writing Adviser
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Personal Story Brainstorming Time
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Essay Outline
Personal Statement Edits
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48 Hour Turnaround



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When should I start working on my application?

Medical school applications are long - you need to create a resume, personal statement, essays, short answers, and support recommenders for each institution. Getting to perfection takes time.

The exact time to get to the end state depends on a number of factors including which schools you’re applying to, how good you are at writing and editing, and your personal commitments.

We have worked with successful clients who have spent two months on an application and we have worked those that have spent two years. That said, based on what we have seen in the past with applicants’ schedules and writing styles, we recommend starting at least three months before the deadline to maximize your chances of success.

We start working with candidates as early as two years before they plan to submit their application.

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Do you offer scholarships or discounts for your services?

Our mission is to help every candidate realize their true potential. When you graduate from med school, we want you to look back and be proud of yourself for achieving your dreams. As such, we want to make sure that your financial circumstances are not a barrier to success.

In keeping with our mission, we provide a small number of partial and full scholarships to our applicants. These are awarded after you start working with us and are based on both professional potential and financial need. Please note, these scholarships are only available for our All-Inclusive Package.

That said, we also want to make sure you are working with the best team, and attracting top talent is expensive. Hence, we’re not able to provide scholarships to everyone. Your project manager can tell you more about scholarship opportunities after we start the engagement.

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I am going to apply one-two years from now. Can you help?

For applicants interested in a structured and rigorous preparation program, we have the complete end-to-end coaching service where you work with our top Graduate Coaches for an extended period of time. They create a personalized plan to help you set and achieve targets, giving you a leg up when you apply. Your Graduate Coach helps you identify gaps in your profile and fill them through targeted activities such as volunteering, research, academic coursework, and more. Schedule a call to learn more.

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Will you guarantee my admission to a medical school?

Our All Inclusive 30-School package comes with a money back guarantee. Click here to read more about it.

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What if I don’t like working with my Graduate Coach?

Our Graduate Coaches are selected through an extremely rigorous process. We make sure they are knowledgeable, smart, courteous, personable, and professional. Further, you are paired with a Coach based on your profile, background, and interests based on the information you provide through our comprehensive intake form.

However, it is very important that you get along with your Coach. The quality of your application is directly dependent on how well you get along with them. In the past, we’ve realized building a relationship doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to get to know each other, understand the candidate’s persona, and craft a strong application. We try not to prematurely undo progress by switching Coaches.

That being said, if you have any issues, email us as and our CEO will personally reply to you within 48 hours. Your success is our topmost priority and we will go above and beyond to make sure you get accepted at your dream school. This includes switching your Coach if needed.

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What is your delivery model? Who will be my day-to-day contact if I work with Inspira Advantage?

Our project team consists of Graduate Coaches, Writing Experts, and former Admissions Committee members. You will work with a Graduate Coach, who will help you draft the perfect application. They are typically a physician who has served on an admissions committee, is an expert at storytelling, enjoys mentorship and helping candidates create a compelling narrative.

They also make sure your grammar, tone, and sentence structure are in line with what business schools expect. You  will also be assigned a Project Manager. Their role will be to ensure all deadlines are met and your application documents are submitted well in advance of the deadline.

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How does working with Inspira give me an edge over other applicants?

Through our vast network of former Admissions Committee members, Graduate Coaches, and Inspira alumni, we are able to have our finger on the pulse and see what’s going on at top medical schools.

These insights are early and relevant, and they benefit you. We know before anyone else when and how the Admissions Committee at an institution is changing the intake criteria. We can use this to help to craft a relevant story.

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How does Inspira Advantage pick its team members?

Only 2.5% of prospective Graduate Coaches and former Admissions Committee members we speak with each year make it on our team. We want to ensure that our applicants have the best experience, so choosing the right team members is of paramount importance to us.

We have a rigorous multi-step selection process. This includes personality fit, industry knowledge tests, and multiple real-life case simulations. Every member of our team is made to evaluate the applications of past candidates. This helps us evaluate the quality of their insights and communication skills. You can learn more about our selection process here.

We also conduct ongoing evaluations to make sure we are the right partners to help you fulfill your med school dreams.

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What is your typical consultant to client ratio?

Creating the right application requires time and effort. It is our duty to make sure every consultant is able to dedicate time and effort to your application.

The number of clients each consultant works with depends on the nature of their role and additional commitments within the firm. For example, the work of a Graduate Coach is very different from the work of a writing expert. Also, some of our team members help with tasks such as conducting research on medical schools or writing guides.

Some consultants might work with a small number of applicants who are applying to a lot of medical schools whereas others might work with more applicants who are applying to fewer schools.

You can be rest assured that even though members of our team wear many hats, your success is our topmost priority. If we have to choose between losing a potential client or allocating lesser time to current clients, we will choose the former any day.

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Can parents be involved through the application process?

Yes, parents can be involved through the application process.


Wondering how else we can help?

We provide support across the entire application lifecycle.


Customized teaching to help you identify and bridge shortcomings with proven problem-solving techniques

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End-to-End Application Support

Support for every aspect of your application, right from school-selection and AMCAS, primary, secondary applications to interview prep, and more.

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The Advantage Factor: Working with us can increase your chances of admission by 7x!

The Best of the Best: Our team comprises of only 99th percentile tutors and former admissions officers from top-ranking universities, meaning you work with only the most experienced, talented experts.

The Free Consultation: Our experts would love to get to know you, your background, goals, and needs. From there, they match you with a best-fit consultant who will create a detailed project plan and application strategy focused on your success.
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