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Crafting standout secondary application essays and preparing for medical school interviews just got easier. Our writing experts and medical school interview coaches make creating compelling narratives and eloquently expressing yourself simpler. Are you ready to tackle the second half of the application process? 
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Are You Ready To Tackle The Second Half Of The Med School Admissions Process?

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Secondary Application Support And Interview Prep Expertise You Can Rely On

Secondary essay help + expert interview prep = the perfect combo
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Meet Our Top Med School Admissions Experts:
Writing Specialists And Interview Coaches

Asmaa Mahoui
Asmaa Mahoui
UC Berkeley-UC San Francisco Joint Medical Program
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Olivia Goodman
Olivia Goodman
Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine
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Ally Malone
Ally Malone
UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine
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School-Specific Secondary Essay Support And Mock Interview Prep

Secondary application prompts vary by school, which is why our med school admissions experts help you tailor your narrative to align with each institution’s values and missions. Prepare for interviews confidently with admissions committee-style prep, school-specific questions, and actionable feedback you can implement to improve your performance. 
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Beat Writer’s Block And Build Compelling Narratives

We always start by learning more about you and your unique journey. Our detailed persona assessment document helps us analyze your experiences, activities, and traits to find your most impactful stories. Benefit from personalized guidance as you write secondary essays that complement your primary application and align with top med schools’ expectations. 
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Meticulous Secondary Essay Editing, Quick Turnaround Time

Our medical school admissions experts will comb through your essays word by word to edit for grammar, spelling, cadence, word usage, tone, sentence structure, and impact. With a 48-hour essay turnaround time, you get the concrete feedback you need to perfect your narratives sooner without sacrificing quality. 
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guidance on creating a solid dental school application
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A Comprehensive Approach To Med School Interview Prep

Our med school interview coaching service is informed by a comprehensive assessment of your application documents, personal statement, secondaries, and academic standing. This foundation allows us to understand every facet of your application and ensures we can help you formulate and practice answering medical school interview questions confidently. 
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Personalized Interview Prep Meets Rigorous Practice And Expert Feedback

We cater your mock interview coaching to meet your needs, whether you’re preparing for an MMI interview, a traditional format, or a hybrid model. Your interview coach will help you improve your answer structure, pitch, modulation, and intonation. Concrete feedback on elevating your performance ensures you’re ready to tackle any question that comes your way on the big day.
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Craft Compelling Secondary Essays And Ace Interviews
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Still have questions about our Secondaries + Interviews combo program? Then check out these FAQs!
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When should I start working on my secondaries and preparing for medical school interviews?

We recommend working on secondary application essays as soon as you submit your primary application. You may receive many medical school secondary applications within a tight time frame, depending on how many and which schools you applied to. 

Preparing for medical school interviews before you receive invitations is an excellent way to ensure you’re ready and well-equipped for any interview style. Some schools may not give you much time between receiving an invitation and scheduling your interview. 

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Who helps me navigate secondary application building and med school interview prep?

Inspira Advantage only works with the most knowledgeable, friendly, and compassionate medical school admissions experts. Every member of our team has undergone a rigorous selection process to ensure their expertise – we only work with 2.5% of the admissions consultants we connect with. You can learn more about our selection process here!

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How do you pair me with a medical school admissions expert?

Our matching process ensures we pair you with the best-fit medical school admissions consultant based on your intake form and what we learn about you, your goals, needs, background, preferences, and the schools you’ve applied to. All our consultants are essay-writing experts and accomplished interview coaches; however, this matching process adds another layer of personalization to your experience.

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What is Inspira Advantage’s delivery model?

Our services are provided online, meaning you can connect with your consultant anytime, anywhere. We offer unlimited email communication and advising hours to ensure you receive the most comprehensive, tailored guidance possible. If you have more questions about how our secondary essay support and interview prep service works, our team is happy to chat with you; click here to book your free consultation!

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How does working with Inspira Advantage for secondaries and med school interview prep give me a competitive edge? 

When you work with us, you receive insider knowledge, actionable feedback, and ongoing support from admissions experts who’ve attended the country’s top medical schools. 

Our persona assessment and evaluation of your primary application helps us learn more about you and your experiences, providing insight into how we can help you create compelling, standout secondary essays. We also use what we learn from your application materials to tailor your mock interview coaching experience. 

With a 94% acceptance rate, enrolling in our program is a great investment; applying to medical school is expensive, as is missing out on a potential year of income in the event of rejection. Investing in your medical school profile and tailoring your application to meet top schools’ expectations maximizes your chances of acceptance the first time you apply (although we happily work with reapplicants as well)!

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I’m going to begin working on secondaries in the coming weeks. Can I sign up now?

Yes, you can. We recommend working on your secondary applications in advance since it may take several weeks to produce polished, expertly edited application documents. While we have a turnaround time of 48 hours, we offer unlimited revisions to ensure your documents are edited to perfection and expertly tailored so that you’re strategically positioned as the ultimate candidate. 

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Does Inspira Advantage actually offer unlimited revisions?

Yes, we really do mean unlimited revisions. Our medical school admissions consultants are dedicated to providing knowledgeable support at every step until your documents are ready for submission. We’re passionate about maximizing your chances of medical school acceptance!

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How does Inspira Advantage prepare me for medical school interviews?

We begin our interview prep service by evaluating your application documents and background while noting your concerns. Our interview coaches provide a rigorous interview experience comparable to what you’ll experience in the real thing. 

We offer interview prep for MMI and traditional/panel interviews; our admissions committee-style prep helps us base these simulations on what style the schools you applied to use. You’ll receive concrete verbal feedback from your interviews to help you improve your performance.

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Does this service include MMI interview prep?

Yes, we offer MMI interview prep as part of our secondary application building and interview prep services.

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I have more questions about your program. Who do I speak to?

We’d love to speak with you and learn more about your unique journey to medical school. Our team is happy to answer your questions and help you find your perfect fit; book a free consultation here to learn more!


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