Medical School Rejection Analysis and Feedback

Getting rejected from your dream medical schools is hard. We do a comprehensive analysis to diagnose what went wrong and more importantly, what you can do to improve before you reapply. We review every application document and leave no stone unturned in helping you pinpoint weaknesses that can inform actionable next steps, which can enhance your med school candidacy.
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Review Every Med School Application Document

Every document of your medical school application is thoroughly assessed. We use this to ascertain what led to your medical school rejection and what personalized, concrete next steps you can take to improve your profile.
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Get Recommendations On How To Bounce Back Stronger

We provide actionable recommendations on how to improve your application before you reapply to medical school. We leave no stone unturned and take everything, right from your coursework and personal statement to your extra-curricular activities and MCAT score into consideration.
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Increase your odds as a medical school reapplicant

Medical school reapplicant success rates are low, and applying to med school multiple times is stressful. Our insights will give you the edge when you reapply, so that you know what to improve and how to do it.
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Get Expert Insights From Our Med School Admissions Consultants

A senior med school admissions consultant, who has seen thousands of applications will schedule a 60-minute call to discuss the ins and outs of the application plan. We will answer every question, so that you know what to do next.

Our Extensive Experience Providing Medical School Rejection Feedback

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Let’s do a thorough medical school rejection analysis to make sure you are a successful reapplicant

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You Are Just a Step Away From Receiving Actionable Feedback On Your Medical School Rejection

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Who is the Medical School Rejection Analysis and Feedback service for?

Acceptance rates for many of the top medical schools are less than 10%, so it’s no surprise that most candidates get dinged from their dream schools. Most of these candidates reapply to medical school after working on their profiles for another year or two. But did you know, the medical school reapplicant acceptance rate is lower than the overall acceptance rate at several top institutions?

Getting a rejection from your dream school makes it tougher to get accepted. You need a very compelling narrative that takes into account what has changed since you last applied. You need to re-think every application document, and draft your personal statement, essays, while crafting a narrative that uses a lot of the same experiences as before.

If you are or plan to be a medical school reapplicant, dream of going to a top school, and don’t want to repeat previous mistakes (or make new ones), this service is for you. We help you surface critical gaps and give you ideas on ways to fill them.

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How is my medical school application analyzed?

We know how hard a medical school rejection can sting, and we want to be very comprehensive in analyzing your documents so that we can provide targeted feedback. Our superstar team of Graduate Coaches, writing experts, and former Admissions Committee members conducts a thorough review of your documents. They start by analyzing your overall story, and academic and non-academic experiences and assess if your documents communicate a compelling, differentiated reason for why you should be accepted at that med school.

Next, we evaluate your AMCAS application, personal statement, and essays for grammar, tone, and sentence structure. This includes an analysis of how easy it is to read your documents. The best-written documents are usually written in simple English. Technical or literary prose never works well.

Finally, we zoom out and look at everything in aggregate including test scores, undergraduate transcripts, essays, resume, and reference letters (if available) to provide holistic feedback on what you can improve before you reapply to medical school.

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I got interviews at a number of top medical schools and still got rejected. Will the medical school rejection analysis and feedback service still be helpful?

Yes! While the interview is a very important part of the admissions process, it isn’t the only part. Admissions committees look at your entire application before making a final decision. It is possible that you did really well on the interview, but your application package as a whole was lacking something.

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What has the success rate been like for applicants who used this service in the past?

It is pretty common for applicants who use the medical school rejection analysis and feedback service to go on and work with us through one of our end-to-end consulting packages. These candidates are 2.3x more likely to get accepted at a top 10 school. Several go on to attend Harvard Medical School, Johns Hopkins, and Yale Medical School, among other top schools.

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