Lena Discovered How To Craft The Perfect Application To Entice The Best Med Schools like Duke

Duke University School of Medicine
Duke University School of Medicine
Lena sought us out midway through her undergraduate studies when she realized she was not getting the individualized support she needed as a pre-med at a large state university.
Through a combined coaching and all-inclusive 20 school application package, our team was able to guide Lena on a new trajectory to tailor her efforts in a way that ultimately made her application shine through the competition at the country’s top medical schools.
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Candidates can often feel lost as they try to navigate their undergraduate experiences as pre-medical students. From choosing courses to extracurricular activities, many candidates struggle with how to best use their precious limited time prior to their application cycle. To make matters worse, colleges provide candidates with overworked counselors who can’t give the strategic guidance needed to help make the cut at the most competitive medical schools.

How Did Inspira Advantage Help?

Discovering a New Strategic Direction 

Lena’s first two years in college had been spent following a generic roadmap. She worked hard on her pre-med classes, and occasionally did some volunteer work, shadowing and basic lab research. Yet, Lena knew that in order to get into the best schools in the country, she needed more precise guidance from experienced admissions counselors with real world clinical and research experience. Our Inspira team spent time working with Lena to find a strategic vision that tied to her interests and would entice the country’s best medical schools. 

After helping Lena discover her interest in helping the rural underserved, her team created a step-by-step plan to accomplish this vision. Every month, Lena and her team worked together to ensure she became a highly sought after candidate. 

Targeting Top Schools Unmet Needs

Lena knew top med schools have their choice of candidates from the best Ivy Leagues with impeccable grades. Our team guided Lena on how candidates without the perfect pedigree can get a chance at these schools as well. All medical schools have unmet needs and are searching for candidates who bring the experience and commitment that align with their interests. 

As former admissions committee members, Inspira consultants have deep insights into many top schools. By advising her on clinical, research and volunteering opportunities for years prior to her application, Inspira was able to help Lena craft the perfect application to align with the needs of top medical schools vis-a-vis primary care for rural populations. 


Lena had applied to 20 medical schools in her third year of college. She was accepted into 6 programs, including Boston University, University of Pittsburgh, UCSF, Brown, Cleveland Clinic, UPenn and Duke. She chose to attend Duke.

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