Amy Shot For The Stars As An MD/PhD Candidate And Landed At Perelman/UPenn Med

University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine
University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine
Amy’s heart was set on a career as a clinician investigator, a lofty goal as she didn’t know how competitive her application would be coming from a large state school.
She sought Inspira’s all-inclusive 30 school package to work with admissions consultants who not only have deep expertise in medical school, but are also actively engaged in research to help guide her as a future academic physician.
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It’s no secret that the cohort of applicants applying as MD/PhDs tend to be the most competitive in the country. In addition to a tuition-free acceptance, MD/PhDs are highly sought after for competitive residencies and academic positions at top hospitals throughout the country. Medical schools are looking for candidates who have the fortitude and track record of excellence to commit to important careers at a young age. Candidates like Amy choose to work with Inspira to help them get a competitive edge when the stakes are at their highest.

How Did Inspira Advantage Help?

Evening Out The Playing Field

Candidates from state schools can often psych themselves out about the competition for highly selective programs. Yet, all of Inspira’s consultants have firsthand experience of times when admission committees go with exceptionalcandidates from every kind of undergraduate background. Medical schools know state schools can be breeding grounds for superstar students.

The big question is whether any candidate's application can display that exceptionalism to committees. Amy worked closely with her team at Inspira to do just that. From every research experience to clinical opportunity, no stone was left unturned when it came to putting Amy’s potential on display.

Making Research Real

Amy knew that getting into an MD/PhD program takes more than convincing the admissions committee she was going to be a great clinician; she needed to convince the researchers she was a great investigator too. This is where Inspira’s advantage really comes into play: our consultants know how clinician investigators think because many happen to be clinical investigators themselves.

From essays to interview prep, Amy was guided on how to present herself amongst experienced physician scientists. Furthermore, she was prepared on how best to find connections between her current research and the work being done at specific labs across various medical schools.


Amy had applied to 30 MD/PhD programs. She was accepted into 11 schools,5 of them being an MD/PhD program including UCLA, Emory, UPenn, Dartmouth and UCSF. She chose to attend UPenn.

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