Alex Was Able To Show How His Love Of Medicine And Tech Made Him The Perfect Match For Stanford

Stanford University School of Medicine
Stanford University School of Medicine
Alex was looking for guidance on how to show medical schools he was a serious candidate even though he didn’t come from a typical “pre-med” background. Through a coaching and all-inclusive 30 school application package, our team was able to work with Alex on a MD/MBA application that showed how his varied interests made him an asset to one of the country’s top medical schools.
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Computer Programer at Big Tech Firm


Many candidates find medicine at different stages of their careers. While Alex had always considered being a doctor and had completed pre-med classes in college, he gravitated towards a computer science major and ultimately took a programming job after graduating. Two years later, he realized he wanted to come back to medicine, but was fearful medical schools would never accept him because of his “non-traditional” background. Indeed, as Alex had spent such a great deal committed to tech career, he had not really completed much shadowing or research, which also worried him.

How Did Inspira Advantage Help?

Reboot And Refocus

Alex’s story is not uncommon in the world of medicine. Many candidates apply from non-traditional backgrounds. After exploring with his team at Inspira, Alex realized he had many unique skills to offer medical schools that most other candidates did not. However, with limited time before his application, he needed to show he was committed to a new profession and not just burnt out from his old one.

We started by creating a plan for Alex to expand his clinical network and experiences by bringing his much needed skills as a programmer to academic physicians. Alex quickly gained shadowing hours, insights in medical practice through new projects, and mentors to write his letters of recommendations. Most importantly, he was able to effectively show medical schools that he was deeply committed to a career transition. 

When In Doubt, Lean In

Alex eventually became passionate about using skills as a programmer to improve the quality of care provided in hospitals in an ever-growing age of electronic health records. Inspira was able to use this perspective to help Alex create a nuanced and insightful application that shone through the competition. 

We were also able to guide Alex as to how this career trajectory could be aided through a dual degree MD/MBA program. Alex was able to lean into this dual degree vision to help show top medical schools his commitment to these ambitious career goals. 


Alex had applied to 30 medical schools two years after graduating college. He was accepted into 7 medical schools and 4 MD/MBA programs, including Stanford, Tufts, UMiami, and Johns Hopkins. He chose to attend Stanford.

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