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Why Your Extracurricular Activities Matter to Dental School Admissions Committees

Pursuing meaningful extracurricular activities before dental school strengthens your profile, demonstrates your character, and highlights your interests and passions. Beyond your DAT scores and GPA, dental school admissions committees also evaluate students based on more qualitative factors through other application documents. 

A varied activities list, including dental and non-dental-related experiences, is crucial to adding differentiation to your profile. Your unique experiences tell the admissions committee a story; your traits, personality, and experiences converge to show you’re community-oriented, have strong leadership skills, and possess the soft skills necessary to make a great dentist.

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Extracurricular Evaluations From Seasoned Admissions Experts 

We’re committed to your success; that’s why we only work with the most talented, knowledgeable dental school admissions counselors. Our team of seasoned counselors and DMDs have been through the admissions process themselves, served on admissions committees at the country’s top dental schools, and reviewed thousands of applications. 

With years of experience, our counselors understand precisely what you need to ensure you craft an outstanding and differentiated application. Our insider knowledge helps us tailor your one-of-a-kind background and experiences into compelling application narratives.

By completing the above form, you’ll receive customized, actionable feedback based on the breadth and depth of your extracurricular activities and experiences.

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Support For Every Aspect Of Your Dental School Application

We help you with every detail of your dental school application, no matter how large or small it is. Your every application need including dental school selection, crafting the perfect essays, applying for the right scholarships, interview prep, and more, are taken care of.

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Step-By-Step Guidance

A personalized project plan is created to meet your unique needs such as work schedule and personal engagements. Our project team of Graduate Coaches, former Admissions Committee members and writing experts works round the clock to make sure we create a solid dental school application on time.

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Expert Consultants From Top Dental Schools

Our team consists of dentists from the top dental schools who have been through the admissions process, served on admissions committees, and are passionate about helping you get into your dream school. Our dental school application consulting services are structured in a way to ensure that you get relevant insights and create application documents that strike a chord with the admissions committee.

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We provide support across the entire application lifecycle.

Dental School Application Support

Our start-to-finish dental school application consulting services are meant to supercharge your ability to get accepted at the country’s most competitive dental schools.

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Early Candidacy Prep

Through our pre-dental advising, we help you pick the right courses, plan your DAT prep, participate in the right extracurriculars, and get the right clinical experience you need for dental schools.

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