The Mayo School of Medicine

Tyler Pivoted From Being A Business Major To An Awesome Fit For Mayo Med School

The Mayo School of Medicine
Tyler realized he needed guidance after weeks of frustration trying to fill out his AMCAS application on his own.
With an all-inclusive 25 school package, our team at Inspira helped boil down the important aspects of Tyler’s medical school candidacy so that he could put his best foot forward with competitive schools like Mayo.
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Tyler initially described himself to us as a “pre-med in theory.” He had spentmost of his college career studying business with the occasional pre-medclass thrown in, and being part of many different kinds of extracurriculars fromradio jockey to government advocacy clubs. Tyler simply loved to exploreeclectic interests, while also passionate about a career in medicine. Despitesome experiences in clinical medicine, Tyler’s initial attempts to complete hismed school apps resulted in frustration as he simply didn’t know how to put itall together.

How Did Inspira Advantage Help?

Turning Frustration Into Insight

At Inspira, we work with many candidates who have difficulty turning theirwork and life experiences into a cohesive application. Our team’s approachstarts by taking a step back and looking at a candidate’s story from athird-person perspective. We then help guide applicants to the salient partsthat will interest medical schools.

With Tyler, we started by training him to refocus from being a “business majorapplying to medical school” to a “future physician who happens to be abusiness major today.” This, along with a number of other insights, had adramatic impact on how Tyler was able to make sense of his candidacy.

Creating The Collage

Tyler’s major frustrations stemmed from not knowing how to combine all hiseclectic interests into one application. Luckily, Inspira consultants have readthrough thousands of applications and know exactly how to put everythingtogether.

We helped Tyler identify the core activities that all relayed back to hispassions in healthcare, making sure each diverse experience was part of alarger collage. This way, admissions committees could see Tyler’s interests asa reflection of his future career as opposed to a mix of unrelated topics.


Tyler had applied to 25 medical schools prior to graduating college. He wasaccepted into 8 medical schools, including Mayo, Creigton, Wayne, UPitt, UCDavis, Einstein, NYMC, and Univ of Rochester. He chose to attend Mayo.

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