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See How Inspira Advantage Helped a Residency Reapplicant Match With His Dream Radiology Program!

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Taeyang didn’t match with any residency programs the last time he applied; read on to learn how we helped him make his second attempt count!
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Taeyang applied to residency programs in a previous cycle, securing seven residency interview invitations. Unfortunately, he didn’t match with any of the programs he’d listed on his ranked order list and was left scrambling to participate in the Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program (SOAP).  

After evaluating the residencies left with unfilled spots in radiology, he was overwhelmed by how condensed the program was and didn’t want to make the wrong decision in a time crunch. Instead, Taeyang decided he’d try to reapply next year to match with a program he’d be truly interested in joining. 

How Did Inspira Advantage Help?

It’s not uncommon for residency applicants to need to rely on SOAP after an unsuccessful Match Day, especially for more competitive residencies. We assured Taeyang that we’d help strategically position himself as a competitive applicant and boost his chances of matching as a reapplicant. 

We started our engagement with Taeyang with a complete review of his previous application materials and transcripts. Although we never recommend reapplying with identical applications, we identified that he’d done a solid job sharing his unique story and motivation for radiology. 

We helped Taeyang tweak his application documents to include the new activities he’d completed in the year prior, including working full-time as a medical scribe and months-long research revolving around hydrocephalus in children. 

We realized that Taeyang had encountered roadblocks during his interviews and spent much time running through rigorous simulations to provide him with the actionable feedback needed to improve his performance. We helped Taeyang refine his answers without sounding overly rehearsed and ensured his body language and tone projected confidence and interest. 


Taeyang secured nine interview invitations and was matched with his second-choice residency program at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai!

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