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See How Inspira Advantage Helps Boost International Students' Chances of Matching With A Residency

Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center
International medical graduate Kian completed medical school in the Caribbean but wanted to match with a U.S. residency program. He sought our help to give him the best chance of matching; read on to learn the outcome!
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Kian was born and raised in Grenada, where he eventually attended college and completed medical school. As a non-U.S. citizen IMG, he knew that he statistically had a lower chance of matching to U.S. programs compared to U.S. med school seniors. 

Beyond statistical challenges, he wasn’t sure how to navigate the ERAS application and how to tailor his personal statement, resume, and other materials to reflect what programs expect from applicants. Here’s what happened after Kian approached us with these concerns!

How Did Inspira Advantage Help?

Many students approach us wondering how to increase their chances of matching with a U.S. residency program as an IMG. We reassured Kian that matching as an IMG is always a possibility and actively listened to his concerns. 

The project planner we designed especially for Kian ensured that he knew precisely what elements of his application should be completed and when and walked him through the aspects of the ERAS application. 

We helped Kian transform what he perceived to be a weakness into a strength; we helped him strategically position himself as a stellar applicant who could contribute new perspectives, skills, and experiences to any residency program and the U.S. healthcare system as a whole. 

Paired with our insider knowledge of IMG-friendly residency programs, our careful application building and editing helped Kian secure seven interviews.


Kian matched with one of his first-choice programs; Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center!

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