George Washington School of Medicine

Jonah Got Into GW Med School After Being Told It Was “Impossible” With A 508 MCAT

George Washington School of Medicine
Jonah’s dream of becoming a doctor started at a young age. He ended up at a competitive STEM program at Cornell University, well known for its grade deflation. A lackluster GPA plus a 508 on his MCAT led Jonah to hit a snag when his school’s counselor told him he had no chance at allopathic medical school.
He came to Inspira looking for a second opinion. By working with our consultants on a coaching and all-inclusive 30 school package, we were able to help Jonah put together the best application possible and help him achieve his dream.
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Chemical Engineering


Being a pre-med is no small feat. There are few other pathways in college thatinvolve more “weeding out.” Colleges are often incentivized to make thepathway to becoming a physician as hard as possible in order to keep theirinternal acceptance rates high. This means candidates with a lifelong passionfor medicine like Jonah can often get discouraged after choosing an arduousmajor or getting a bad grade. Luckily, Inspira has no conflicts of interest orulterior motives; our goals are simply to help our candidates get in.

How Did Inspira Advantage Help?

Focusing On Growth

We started by letting Jonah know that medical school was absolutely possiblefor him, and showing him the many examples of successful candidates whohave gotten in with very similar grades. Indeed, our consultants understandmany medical schools use “growth” as a factor to analyze a candidate’sscores.

Coaching Jonah through his final year at Cornell, we were able to help himachieve the greatest growth possible to help him come out on top for medicalschools. Working closely with our team, Jonah gained confidence that hischildhood dream was within reach.

Lessons Learned

It’s important to remember that tough classes like organic chemistry or testslike the MCAT are not actually reflective of medical school curriculums.Medical schools use these grades as proxies for how well a candidate mayperform on future challenges like board exams. Yet, this isn’t the only way toconvince medical schools about a candidate’s future potential.

Thus, a key aspect of Jonah’s application was centered around how he wasvery much ready for the rigors of medical school. Working with his team atInspira, Jonah was able to convince med schools he had hit a turning point inhis academic career.


Jonah had applied to 30 MD programs. He was accepted into 4 schoolsincluding George Washintion, Virginia Tech, Tufts and Hofstra. He chose toattend GW.

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