Wake Forest University School of Medicine

Jenny Found Her Unique Application Narrative To Craft Masterful Medical School Application Essays

Wake Forest University School of Medicine
Many applicants we work with tell us they need help most with their personal statements and secondary essays.
Jenny came to us asking for help with her application narrative to strategically position herself as the ultimate candidate.
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While Jenny had always excelled in her science coursework, she claimed that writing essays “wasn’t her forte.” Beyond her concern about her writing skills, she wondered how she’d tie her application documents together to provide a cohesive, clear picture of her candidacy.

How Did Inspira Advantage Help?

We assured Jenny that the best personal statements and secondary essays are written in clear, concise English. We helped her identify her most impactful experiences through multiple persona development calls, where we learned more about her love for pediatrics and volunteer work at her local hospital. Throughout our persona calls, we saw themes in Jenny’s experiences and achievements – determination and perseverance through hardship, intellectual curiosity, and a desire to make meaningful contributions in pediatric research. We helped her connect her experiences, accomplishments, and personality into a compelling application narrative.


Jenny was admitted to the Wake Forest University School of Medicine through EDP.

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