The University of Illinois College of Medicine

Inspira Advantage Helped Geeta Set The Right Tone In Her Medical School Application Documents

The University of Illinois College of Medicine
Geeta came to us for assistance in establishing the right tone in her medical school application components.
We helped her set the tone to own her achievements and candidacy, leading to her early acceptance at the University of Illinois College of Medicine!
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Geeta’s concern was two-fold: she worried that every line she wrote sounded like bragging instead of an honest account of her experience, and she felt extremely uncomfortable writing about herself. Despite Geeta’s numerous academic accomplishments and extracurricular/clinical experiences, she couldn’t shake the feeling of sounding insincere or like she was bragging. 

How Did Inspira Advantage Help?

We started by letting Geeta know that many candidates who come for us to help find it difficult to strike a balance between a humble, genuine account of their achievements and “bragging.” It’s also normal for some applicants to feel apprehensive about writing about themselves! We worked through Geeta’s application documents together to ensure her tone was consistent and aligned with the expectations of top medical schools. We ensured her documents were edited for tone, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, concision, and impact before she was ready to click “submit.” 


Geeta was admitted through the University of Illinois College of Medicine’s Early Decision Program. 

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