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Learn How We Supported DO Residency Applicant Ezra Throughout the Process

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Ezra completed his medical degree at an osteopathic medical school and wanted to maximize his chances of matching with a vascular surgery program; read on to learn how Inspira Advantage helped!
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MDs and DOs are both doctors who approach patient treatment somewhat differently; otherwise, most people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a DO and MD. However, DOs have a lower match rate than MDs by 2% overall, and this disparity can increase greatly depending on the specialty. 

After checking out Match Day data from past years, Ezra worried that attending an osteopathic school would decrease his chances of matching with a vascular surgery program. Looking to give his application a boost, he approached us with his concerns.

How Did Inspira Advantage Help?

We work with many DO graduates annually with similar concerns as Ezra. After speaking to him and learning more about his goals, we jumped into action and began building him a tailored project plan to cover every aspect of the application process. 

We learned that Ezra had been exceptionally active in his local community and on campus; he was a student interviewer for admissions, acted as a mentor to incoming med students, and spent a lot of time volunteering his time in the surrounding community. Coupled with a stellar med school GPA, we helped Ezra focus his application documents on his personal mission to advance patient care and to become a leader in the medical field. 

Ezra secured interviews with seven of the vascular surgery residencies he applied to, and we helped him rank his choices based on his personal mission, aspirations, location preferences, and opinion of the program’s culture/atmosphere. He ended up matching with his first-choice program! 


Ezra matched with his first-choice vascular surgery program: Duke University Hospital!

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