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Inspira Advantage is here to make your journey to the Caribbean’s most competitive medical schools easier. Personalized application consulting ensures you receive the expert guidance you need to maximize your chances of success. Getting accepted to the Caribbean's “Big Four” medical schools and other top institutions is within reach! 
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End to end medical school application consulting

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Medical School Acceptance Is Within Your Grasp

Our top priority is positioning you as the ultimate Caribbean med school applicant
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Inspira Advantage’s Consulting Services Have Helped Past Applicants Get Accepted to Top Caribbean Medical Schools:

Our Caribbean Med School Admissions Specialists

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Support Across The Entire Caribbean Med School Application Lifestyle

Whether you’re aiming for the Big Four or any other Caribbean med school, our experts are here to provide tailored guidance throughout the application cycle. From school selection and crafting the ultimate application narrative to differentiating your profile and acing interviews, Inspira Advantage is here for you.
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A Personalized Application Action Plan Built Around Your Schedule

Caribbean medical schools have rolling admissions and may operate on a different intake schedule than U.S. schools. Our highly-detailed project plans ensure you hit every milestone while following a strategic schedule to maximize your chances of admission.
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Experienced Admissions Counselors Specializing In Caribbean Medical School Applications

Our diverse network of physicians and medical professionals have attended top schools and served on admissions committees; every counselor is committed to your success. They ensure you receive relevant insights and insider knowledge to craft compelling application documents that align with Caribbean med schools’ expectations.
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Your Happiness, Guaranteed

We’re committed to your success and confident that the valuable support we provide will lead to positive outcomes. If you choose our comprehensive package and don’t get accepted, we’ll do everything in our power to ensure your next application is successful—learn more about the Inspira Guarantee here.

Support Across The Entire Caribbean Medical School Application Process

Pre-application support

Foundational Pre-Application Guidance

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Determine impactful extracurricular activities
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Craft application narrative
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Recommendation letter strategy
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Build detailed project plan
Application writing and editing

Application Navigation, Writing, And Editing

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AMCAS/school-specific application support
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Personal statement
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Secondary applications & essays
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Every application component, expertly edited
Interview prep

Interview Preparation

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Traditional medical school interview prep
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MMI interview guidance
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Support for blind/ non-blind interviews
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Rigorous admissions committee-style prep

A Bold Guarantee: We’re Here To Make Your Dreams Of Attending Medical School In The Caribbean Come True

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Get The Unrivaled Caribbean Med School Admissions Support You Deserve, From Start To Finish

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When should I start working on my Caribbean medical school application?

Medical school applications take a long time to complete. From completing the actual application and building the ultimate application narrative to completing other essays and engaging recommenders, the entire process is a marathon, not a sprint. 

How much time you really need depends on several variables, including how many schools you’re applying to, your writing proficiency, and your busy schedule. 

We’ve worked with clients who’ve spent two months to two years preparing their medical school applications. However, we recommend giving yourself at least three months to finalize your application and boost your chances of success.

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I only need help with one or two pieces of my application. Do you provide targeted services?

We understand that not every Caribbean med school applicant will need help at every step of the process. We’ve broken down our all-inclusive offerings to cater to applicants needing assistance with only one or two elements of their applications. Click here to see a full breakdown of our consulting packages

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Is applying to Caribbean medical schools different from U.S. institutions?

Applying to medical school in the Caribbean differs from the U.S.; Caribbean schools typically accept applicants two or three times per cycle on a rolling basis. While you can apply to some Caribbean schools (such as St. George’s University) through AMCAS, many medical schools have their own application portals. However, many admissions requirements are the same or similar! 

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Why should I work with Inspira Advantage?

Medical school admissions rates are competitive in the U.S. and the Caribbean. While acceptance rates at Caribbean medical schools tend to be somewhat higher than those in the U.S., putting your best foot forward is crucial to your success; Inspira Advantage helps you maximize your chances of acceptance. 

Not getting accepted to your dream school means losing months as you wait to reapply and extra effort spent enhancing your first application—this translates to lost income, opportunities, and time. 

Our expert Caribbean medical school admissions counselors ensure your documents are varied and compelling and share their insider knowledge with you as you navigate the process. We’re committed to helping you gain a competitive edge in the admissions process—there’s a reason we’re called Inspira “Advantage!”

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What is Inspira Advantage’s delivery model? How do your consulting services work?

Our delivery model is completely virtual; this ensures you receive detailed medical school application guidance any time from anywhere in the world. We’ll pair you with your best-fit counselor with extensive admissions experience. Your counselor will help you select your best-fit schools, craft captivating application documents, and ensure your application narrative is cohesive and portrays your genuine interest in medicine. 

The project tracker we use ensures your documents are finalized and that everything is submitted on time. Every Inspira Advantage medical school consulting program includes unlimited advising hours and email communication.

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Who are your Caribbean medical school admissions specialists?

Only 2.5% of the admissions experts we speak to annually join our team. We’re committed to providing the most comprehensive admissions consulting possible—that starts with only working with the most talented, knowledgeable, and compassionate Caribbean medical school admissions experts. 

Our meticulous multi-step process ensures prospective counselors complete personality assessments, industry knowledge tests, and real-life case studies. Curious about our selection process? Click here to learn more!

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Do you work with international applicants applying to Caribbean medical schools?

Yes, we also work with international and non-traditional applicants ready to apply to Caribbean medical schools. 

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What Is the “Big Four?”

The Big Four are Caribbean medical schools with high rankings and great reputations, including St. George’s University, American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine, Saba University School of Medicine, and Ross University School of Medicine.

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Can parents be involved in the application process?

Yes, we welcome parent involvement in all of our programs.


Wondering how else we can help?

We provide support across the entire application lifecycle.


Customized teaching to help you identify and bridge shortcomings with proven problem-solving techniques

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