Aidan Explains How Inspira Advantage Helped Him Get Into One of His First-Choice Medical Schools

After Aidan realized he didn’t have anyone close to him he could ask about the medical school admissions process, he sought help and found Inspira Advantage. Read on to learn how we helped him get accepted to Creighton University School of Medicine!


When Aidan began his medical school admissions journey, he found the process to be “very long and very confusing.” He realized he didn’t have any family members or other close friends who had navigated the med school admissions process who he could use as a reference point “from MCAT studying all the way up to and through the interview process.” 

Seeking an experienced MCAT tutor and superstar interview coach, Aidan wanted an expert to help him through the med school application process. “That’s what led me to reach out, to really understand those tips and tricks as I went along the way to maximize my application,” he said.

How Inspira Advantage Helped

Aidan said Inspira Advantage first stood out to him while searching for an MCAT tutor who “had done well on their own MCAT and was able to come to one-on-one meetings with that high-level experience.” Wanting to work with only the best, Aidan found the perfect fit with Inspira Advantage. 

When Aidan participated in our mock interview sessions with his counselor, he appreciated our personalized approach. “I came into these interview practices…expecting to have regular questions and have [them] edit those and make sure I was doing my best there,” he said. At Inspira, we’re passionate about always providing a tailored experience – Aidan’s interview prep sessions were customized to suit his personality and the school he was interviewing for. Prep sessions coupled with actionable feedback ensured he was ready to face interview day confidently. 

Above all, Aidan found the most valuable aspect of our support to be our unwavering commitment to making ourselves available to fit the needs of every candidate we work with. Aidan said that the phone calls and consistent communication with his counselor “allowed me to ask more and more questions and, I believe, set me up for the success I eventually had.”


Aidan was accepted to his top-choice school, Creighton University School of Medicine!